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Chapter 22

Scientific Revolution

Scientific Revolution Was a new way of thinking about the natural world
The Renaissance, The age of exploration What were the events that lead to the Scientific Revolution
Heliocentric Theory The Theory that states the sun as the center of the universe
Geocentric Theory The Theory that states the earth as the center of the universe
Thomas Hobbes A philosophe that believed humans can't be trusted and need to be ruled in an absolute monarch
John Locke A philosophe that believed that humans are amazing creatures and everyone is all equal
Voltaire he published more than 70 books of political essays, philosophy, and drama
Montesquieu He devoted himself to the study of political liberty and believed that Britain was the best-governed and most politically balanced country of his own day.
Rousseau She developed many progressive ideas about education.
Mary Astell Her book addressed the lack of educational opportunities for women. In later writings, she used Enlightenment arguments about government to criticize the unequal relationship between men and women in marriage.
Cathrine the Great The ruler most admired by the philosophes
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