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Njrotc quiz

Certify Officially approved
Color guard The ceremonial escort for the flag
Instill To introduce by gradual persistence efforts
Marksmanship Skill in shooting at a target
Orderliness Neatness, freedom from disorder
Precision Exactness
Apathy A lack of feeling or emotion
Honor A keen sense of ethical conduct
Courage Mental or moral strength to venture persevere and withstand danger fear or difficulty
Commitment A state of being bound emotionally or intellectually to a course of action or to a person or persons
Curriculum a course of study
Maritime Relating to the sea
Buoyancy A tendency or ability to stay afloat in water
Seamanship Skill in sailing navigating or managing a boat or ship
Protocol A special form of ceremony and etiquette
Meticulous Extremely careful and precise especially with regard to detail
Created by: Sophiamarie02