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Test 3 Foods 1 vocab

Leaving an opening in the covering of the food would allow steam to escape. What is this called? Vent
Cutting food into large, thick or thin, flat pieces using a sawing motion is? Slice
Sixteen ounces equals how many pounds? 1lbs or pound
To cook large pieces of meat or poultry slowly over a low heat with a little amount of liquid in a tightly covered pan is to? Braise
What is the abbreviation for pint in a recipe? P.
To cook meat,fish, or poultry uncovered in an oven with dry air is to? Roast
What is the abbreviation for gallon? Gal.
In a recipe, C is the abbreviation for? Cup
To make something easy to chew by applying a substance that breaks down connective tissue is to Tenderize
To lightly mix ingredients by tumbling them with tongs is to Toss
To increase the flavor of a food by adding herbs, species is to Season
To cook food in a pan using vapor produced by boiling liquid is Steam
To rub fat on the surface of a food is to Grease
To immerse food in a liquid for the purpose of wetting, softening or cleaning it is to Soak
Define fold To blend a delicate mixture into a heavier one
To slow roast slowly on a rack or spit over hot coals is to Barbecue
What is fl. oz. the abbreviation of? Fluid ounce
To thoroughly mix ingredients and incorporate air using a spoon, wire whisk, mixer, or food processor is to Beat
To cook food in hot liquid, 212F, having bubbles that rise to and break on the surface of a liquid is to Boil
Which measure equals one pint? 2 cups, 16 fl oz.
What measure is less than 1/8 tsp or the amount that can be held between the thumb and forefinger? Pinch
To cause a solid food turn into or become part of a liquid is Dissolve
Eight TBSP equals 1/2 cup, 24 tsp
To beat solid fat and sugar with a wooden spoon or electric mixer until smooth and light is to Cream
To cook uncovered under a direct heat source is to Broil
What is an example of a non essential ingredient in a recipe? All-purpose flour in a cake, baking powder in cookies, Mushrooms in a stir fry, butter in a pie crust Mushrooms in a stir-fry
What is an example of an essential ingredient in a recipe? Onions in a casserole, carrots in a stew, salt in bread, cheese in a salad Salt in bread
If your electric bill is high last month, what is the advantage of using convenience foods in recipes? Reduces amount of energy/electricity used
To soak food in a cold, seasoned liquid in order to add flavor or tenderize the food is to Marinate
If a recipie calls for 1oz of unsweetened backing chocolate, what can I substitute if I do not have unsweetened baking chocolate? 1 tablespoon butter, 3 tablespoons unsweetened chocolate
Created by: carsonta