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Ch. 3 review

What is the earliest form of art? Mosaics
What are pressed color materials used in mosaics? Tesserae
Things that remind us of god and his mystery are called: Sacramentales
How many gods are there? One god
How many persons are there in God? 3 persons
Do we know that god exists? Yes
Can we know god fully on our own? No
Do we need God to reveal himself to us? Yes
How does god reveal himself to us? Through the bible
What are four coalitions of God? Faithful, truth, loving, and merciful
What is the center of our faith? The Holy Trinity
What are three things that God did for us to show his love for us? He created us and the world, he sent his son to save us, and he sent the holy spirit to sanctify us.
When do we recall the mystery of the Blessed Trinity? When we make the sign of the cross
Are we made in the image and likeness of God? Yes
What does our soul bear an imprint of? God
Does the soul die? No
What ability does the soul give us? Share god's life and love
What kind of student was Thomas? Smart
What name did students give Thomas Aquinas? Dumb ox
Who was Thomas' teacher? Saint Albert the Great
What did Thomas decide to do with his life? Be became a priest
What did his father do when he found out that Thomas didn't want to de a merchant? He kidnapped Thomas and locked him in his room
Who helped Thomas? His sister
What question was Thomas always asking? What is God?
What is a doctor of the church? Writer and teacher
Thomas Aquinas is the patron Saint of what? Catholic church, and students
When is Thomas Aquinas' feast day? January 28
Did the world always exists? No
What does it mean when we say God created? God created- means- only god can make everything out of nothing
What do we mean when we say God created heaven and earth? Heavens and the earth- means- another way of saying visible and invisible as in both Creed
Are God the father, son and Holy Spirit inseparable? Yes
Creation t]is the work of ________. The Holy Trinity
Be able to name sacramentals A crucifix, rosary beads, tabernacle, the Eucharist, and a statue of a saint.
god makes himself and his divine plan known Devine revelation
the first state for grace in which Adam and Eve shared in god’s divine life. The were there for in a perfect state of grace before the fall Original Holiness
is that first state of grace before the Fall, when adam and Eve and all of creation were in harmony Original Justice
To put one in that state of grace in which sin is removed and we are made holy. Sanctify
Created by: Treeeday
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