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Digestion metabolism

Digestive system

What are sacchardest and starches? Glucose fructose and galactose
Glucose is a form of ...... sugar Useable
Where is glucose stored Liver and your muscles
Glucose turns into ??? Glycogen
What happens to excess glucose? Converted to fat for storage
What are lipids Fats and oils
What are the categories of lipids Satrusted and unsaturated
Saturated lipids contain No carbon to carbon double bonds
Saturated lipids are liquid or solid and in what temperature Solid at room temp
Unsaturated lipids have At least 1 carbon to carbon double bond.
Unsaturated fats at room temperature are Liquids
What kind of fats are good for you Unsaturated
What kind of fat is palmitic acid Saturated
What kind of fat is oleic acid Monounsaturated
Ketone bodies are a by product of Fats used as energy
What can occur when the body contin all uses fats for energy Ketoacidosis
What is ketoacidosis A condition caused by the body using fats for energy
Who is susceptible to ketoacidosis Diabetics
Diabetics who don't manage t heir blood glucose can develop Ketoacidosis
How many amino acids are there 20
Does the body synthesize all amino acids? No
How many amino acids does the human body synthesize 12
How many essential amino acids do we need from diet 8
What is a by product of protein Urea
How does urea move through the body Transported by blood
Urea turns into Uric acid
How are the kidneys affected by urea Filter it
After urea is filtered in kidneys what occurs Excreted in the urine
Excess protein can be converted True
What is excess protein converted to Fat for storage
What can cause high uric acid level. Shellfish and organ meat
If uric acid is too high what occurs Crystals form
What condition is painful caused by uric acid crystal deposit Gout
Gout is not painful False
How does Gout begin Crystals deposit in joints
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