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social studies cards

cards for mrs.cragins class

Berlin wall wall in Germany that separated east and west berlin from 1961 thru 1986.
Independence becoming free from someone's rule.
Reunification bringing back TOGETHER THE TWO parts of of Germany under one government .
Nationalism extreme loyalty and devotion to a nation.
Imperialism system of building foregin empires for military and trade advantages.
Alliance when close accosiates of nations or groups are formed.
Militariansm the desire of a government or people that a contry should maintain a strong military capability .
Empire a group of lands under one ruler.
Industrial revolution the rapid development of industry that occurred in Britain in the late 18th and 19th centuries brought about by the introduction and machinery.
Revolution a great and often violent charge .
Trade to engage in the exchange purchase or sale of goods.
Natural Resources material source of wealth such as timber, fresh water, or material deposit.
Colony a territory or body of people living in a new territory but retaining ties with the parent state.
Armistice a temporary halt in fighting [a truce].
Treaty a formal agreement between two or more groups in relations to peace, economic and/or international uses.
Reparations when defeated powers in a war must make payments of money goods and services to the winning powers.
Holocaust the time period in which Hitler murdered millions of Jewish people.
Anti-Semitism bad feelings towards Jews.
Nazism belief in the the party of Adolf Hitler.
Totalitarianism a belief that overall government goals are more important that individual rights.
Fascism a totalitarian government that has complete control over its citizens political economic religious and cultural activities.
Regime the government in power at any given time.
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