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Unit 1 PSW

Review for Individuality

Name 3 things that influence self esteem Social supports , healthy childhood development, income and social status
Religion can affect many aspects of care what are 3 needs that could be affected by religion diet, health practices, death practices, spiritual beliefs
Name 3 duties a PSW may have that could be affected by clients culture: Meal preperation, different medical beliefs on how to treat people, communication different cultures have different beliefs on how to communicate
Briefly explain 5 levels of Masslow's pyramid self actualization, self esteem, love and belonging, Safety, Physical
Name 4 rights from The Canadian Charter of rights and Freedoms The right to vote, Freedom of speech and religion,The right to enter Canada, stay in or leave Canada
Explain what is meant by informed consent and how does it affect the PSW role Informed consent can be given orally,or verbally.It will It will affect being a PSW. And you have to have the clients consent before you can touch , or do care to client
Describe and give an example of harassment, and what you should do about it Troubling or tormenting offending or worrying
Define D.I.P.P.S Dignity,Independence, Preferences, Privacy, Safety
Define Interdependence The state on relying on one another
Define Dependence state of relying on others for support
Define Independence state of not relying on others for control or authority
What are the 5 dimensions of health identified in the holistic care approach Physical, Emotional, Social, Spiritual, Cognitive
4 determinants of health Physical, Emotional, Social, Spiritual
5 ways an illness or disability can affect a person Fear, Anxiety, Sadness and Greif, Depression, Denial, Anger
Define stigma Shame or social disgrace of a person accociated with a particular circumstances
Define Discrimination The unfair treatment of people due to basis of physical apperarence or health history
Define need is necessary or desirable for maintaining life
Define competence Preforming ones job safely and within your scope of practice or legal limit
Define Compassion Awareness of ones misfortune and suffering of another
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