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MOA Med Term

prefix, suffix, combining form

Supra- above, upper
Ultra- beyond, excess
Syn- Sym- together, with
Ante- before, forward
Con- with, together
De- down, lack of
Dys- difficult, bad, abnormal, painful
Meta- change, beyond
Pseudo- false,
Para- abnormal, beside, near
Infra- beneath, under
Uni- one
Contra- against, opposite
Eu- good, normal
Per- through
Post- after, behind
Ec- Ecto- out, outside
Inter- between,
Intra- in, into, within
Poly- many, much
Mal- bad
Endo- En- End- within
Dia- through, complete
Epi- above, upon
Ab- away from
Ad- towards
Ana- up
Pan- all
Macro- large
Cata- down
Anti- against
A- An- no, not, without
Hypo- deficient, below, under, less than normal
Hyper- excessive, above, more than normal
Auto- Aut- self, own
In- not, into, in
Ex- Exo- out, outside of, outward
Re- back, backward, again
Retro- behind
Pro- before, forward
Sub- below, under
Trans- across, through
Peri- surrounding, around
Micro- small
Neo- new
Bi- two
Hemi- half
Brady- slow
Pre- before, in front of
Tachy- fast
-plasia development, formation, growth
-stasis stopping, controlling
-gea -gen substance that produces
-physis to grow
-us structure, substance
-blast embryonic, immature
-genesis condition of producing , formation
-ptosis falling, dropping, prolapsed
-esis abnormal condition, action, condition
-plakia plaque
-phoria to bear, carry, feeling
-lysis breakdown, destruction, separation
-derma skin
-um -ium structure, tissue
-pathy disease, condition
-ion process
-trophy development, nourishment
-fusion coming together, to pour
-plasty surgical repair
-stomy new opening to outside of body
-osis abnormal condition
-partum birth, labour
-mission to send
-pnea breathing
-graphy process of recording
-graph instrument for recording
-cele hernia
-megaly enlargement
-scopy process of examining
-scope instrument to examine
-coccus -cocci berry-shaped bacterium
-sclerosis hardening
-therapy treatment
-ist specialist
-itis inflammation
-gram record
-ectomy excision, removal of
-opsy process of viewing
-tomy process of cutting, incision
-logy process of study
-malacia softening
-eal -ior pertaining to
-ac -iac pertaining to
-ic -tic pertaining to
-ar -ary pertaining to
-al -ical pertaining to
-globin protein
-crine to secrete
-y -ism process, condition
-oma tumor, mass, swelling
-algia -dynia pain
-phobia fear
-genic pertaining to producing, produced by/in
-sis state of, condition
-er -or one who
-ole -ule little, small
-meter to measure
-rrhea to flow, discharge
-emia blood condition
-cyte cell
-drome to run
-ous pertaining to
-oid resembling
-oxia oxygen
-penia deficiency
-centesis surgical puncture to remove fluid
-somes bodies
-ia -ema condition
-plasm formation
-type picture, classification
-lapse to slid, fall, sag
-ose full of, pertaining to
anthrac/o black (as coal)
chlor/o green
cirrh/o tawny yellow
cyan/o blue
xanth/o lute/o jaund/o yellow
steat/o lip/o adip/o fat
albin/o leuk/o white
cutane/o derm/o dermat/o skin
caus/o burn, burning
cauter/o burn, heat
onych/o ungu/o nail
pil/o trich/o hair
hidr/o sweat
xer/o dry
ichthy/o dry, scaly
erythema/o erythemat/o redness
kerat/o hard
diaphor/o profuse sweating
myc/o fungus
py/o pus
rhytid/o wrinkle
seb/o sebace/o sebum
squam/o scale like
bol/o to cast (throw)
cib/o meals
norm/o rule, order
nect/o to bind, tie, connect
the/o to put, place
immun/o protection
sect/o cis/o to cut
vertebr/o vertebra (e), backbone (s)
umbilic/o navel, umbilicus
cervic/o neck (of the body or uterus)
ili/o ilium (part of pelvic bone)
top/o place, put, position
acr/o extremities, top, extreme
hist/o tissue
chondr/o cartilage
lapar/o abdomen, abdominal wall
viscer/o internal organs
sacr/o sacrum
furc/o forking, branching
spin/o spine, backbone
proxim/o nearest
medi/o middle
peritone/o peritoneum
ot/o ear
morph/o shape, form
axill/o armpit
hepat/o liver
cephal/o head
cardi/o heart
ped/o child
oste/o bone
ophthalm/o eye
rhin/o nose
radi/o x-rays
psych/o mind
gnos/o knowledge
gynec/o women, female
hemat/o hem/o blood
neur/o nerve
ur/o urinary tract, urine
enter/o intestines (usually small)
sarc/o flesh
path/o disease
iatr/o treatment, physician
log/o study of
nephr/o ren/o kidney
cyst/o urinary bladder
bi/o life
thromb/o clot, clotting
erythr/o red
aden/o gland
duct/o to lead, carry
seps/o infection
later/o side
lymph/o lymph
mamm/o mast/o breast
muc/o myx/o mucus
phag/o to eat, swallow
trache/o trachea (windpipe)
rect/o rectum
pneumon/o pulmon/o lungs
splen/o spleen
tonsill/o tonsils
phleb/o ven/o or i vein
blephar/o eyelid
bronch/o bronchial tubes
col/o colon/o colon
inguin/o groin
isch/o to hold back
onc/o tumor
strept/o twisted chains
pleur/o pleura
myel/o spinal cord, bone marrow
cyt/o cell
carcin/o cancer
abdomin/o abdomen
glyc/o gluc/o sugar
gastr/o stomach
encephala/o brain
electr/o electricity
arthr/o joint
cerebr/o cerebrum (largest part of the brain)
cost/o ribs
carp/o wrist bones
lumb/o lower back
nucle/o kary/o nucleus
dors/o back portion of body
dist/o far distant
coccyg/o coccyx
chrom/o color
neutr/o neutrophil
acu/o sharp, severe sudden
nat/i birth
cutane/o skin
my/o muscle
angi/o vas/o vascul/o vessel
plas/o formation, development
crani/o skull
thel/o theli/o nipple
ventr/o belly side of body
pelv/i pelvis (hip region)
poster/o back, behind
anter/o front
laryng/o larynx (voice box)
hydr/o water, fluid
chem/o drug, chemical
arteri/o arter/o artery
chron/o time
crin/o to secrete
necr/o death (of cells or body)
thorac/o steth/o chest
staphyl/o cluster
thyr/o thyroid gland, shield
son/o sound
somn/o sleep
pub/o pelvis (anterior area of pelvic or hipbone)
mort/o death
dactyl/o fingers , toes
flex/o to bend
gloss/o tongue
ox/o oxygen
tox/o poison
urethr/o urethra
melan/o black
Adenoid/o Adenoids
Alveol/o Alveolus ( air sac )
Bronch/o Bronchi/o Bronchi
Bronchiol/o Bronchiole
Capn/o Carbon dioxide co2
Coni/o Dust
Lob/o Lobe of the lung
Mediastin/o Mediastinum
Nas/o Nose
Orth/o Straight, upright
Pector/o Chest
Phon/o Voice
Phren/o Diaphragm
Pneum/o Pneumon/o Pulmon/o Lung
Sinus/o Sinus cavity
Spir/o Breathing
Tel/o Complete
-osmia Smell
-ptysis Spitting
-sphyxia Pulse
-thorax Plural cavity, chest
epiglott/o epiglottis
mediastin/o mediastinum
nas/o nose
or/o mouth
-capnia carbon dioxide CO2
-ectasis dilation, widening
-phonia sound, voice
-stenosis tightening
tetra- four
tri- three
-dilation widening, expanding
-constriction narrowing
aneurysm/o aneurysm
aort/o aorta
ather/o yellowish plaque
atri/o atrium
brachi/o arm
cholesterol/o cholesterol
coron/o heart
pericardi/o pericardium
rrhythm/o rhythm
sphygm/o pulse
valv/o valvul/o valve
ventricul/o ventricle
an/o anus
append/o appendic/o appendix
bucc/o cheek
cec/o cecum
celi/o belly, abdomen
cholecyst/o gallbladder
duoden/o duodenum
esophagi/o esophagus
faci/o face
ile/o ileum
jejun/o jejunum
labi/o lip
lingu/o tongue
mandibul/o lower jaw, mandible
pancreat/o pancreas
pharyng/o throat
proct/o anus, rectum
pylor/o pyloric sphincter
sialaden/o salivary gland
sigmoid/o sigmoid colon
stomat/o mouth
uvul/o uvula
amyl/o starch
bil/I chol/e bile, gall
bilirubin/o bilirubin bile pigment
glycogen/o glycogen animal starch
lith/o stone
prote/o protein
sial/o saliva
-ase enzyme
-chezia defecation, elimination of wastes
-iasis abnormal condition
-prandial meal
-phagia swallowing, eating
-emesis vomiting
-prandial meal
-pepsia digestion
-orexia appetite
-rrhage -rrhagia bursting forth blood
-rrhaphy suture
-spasm involuntary contraction of muscle
-tresia opening
cholangi/o bile duct
cholecyst/o gallbladder
eti/o cause
palat/o palate
labi/o lip
stomat/o mouth
rect/o rectum
idi/o unknown, individual
Adrenal/o Adrenal glands
Gonad/o Sex glands (ovaries, testes)
Pancreat/o Pancreas
Parathyroid/o Parathyroid gland
Pituitar/o Pituitary gland Hypophysis
Thyr/o, Thyroid/o Thyroid gland
Andr/o Male
Calc/o, Calici/o Calcium
Cortic/o Cortex, outer region
Dips/o Thirst
Estr/o Female
Gluc/o Glyc/o Sugar
Home/o Sameness
Hormon/o Hormone
Kal/i Potassium (an electrolyte)
Lact/o Milk
Myx/o Mucus
Natr/o Sodium (an electrolyte )
Phys/o Growing
Somat/o Body
Ster/o Solid structure
Toc/o Childbirth
Toxic/o Position
Ur/o Urine urea
-agon Assemble, Gather together
-in, -ine A substance
-tropin Stimulating the function of
-uria Urine condition
oxy- Rapid, Sharp, Acid
Tetra- Four
Tri- Three
cali/o, calic/o calyx
glomerul/o glomerulus
meat/o meatus
pyel/o renal pelvis
trigon/o trigone
ureter/o ureter
urethr/o urethra
visic/o urinary bladder
albumin/o albumin
azot/o nitrogen
bacteri/o bacteria
ket/o, keton/o ketone bodies
noct/o night
olig/o scanty
-poietin substance that forms
-uria urination, urine condition
urin/o urine
De- Away from
Tel (e)- Distance
Dextro- Towards the right
Iso- Equal
Bi- Twice
-opia Vision
-plegia Paralysis
-pexy Fixation
-tripsy Crush
-lytic Reducing, destroying, breakdown, seperation
-one Hormone
Balan/o Glans penis
Cry/o Cold
Crypt/o Hidden
Epididym/o Epididymis
Gon/o Seed
Orch/o, orchi/o, orchid/o Testis, testicles
Pen/o Penis
Prostat/o Prostate gland
Semin/i Semen seed
Sperm/o, spermat/o Spermatozoa, semen
Terat/o Monster
Test/o Testis, testicle
Varic/o Varicose vein
Vas/o Vessel duct
Zo/o Animal life
-salpinx Uterine tube
-tocin -tocia Labor, birth
-version Act of turning
-arche Beginning
-cyesis Pregnancy
-flexion Bend
-gravida Pregnancy
-pareunia Sexual intercourse
-parous To bear, bring forth
primi- First
multi- Many
Nulli- No, not, none
Myom/o Muscle tumor
Obstetr/o Midwife
O/o, ov/o, ovul/o Egg
Oophor/o Ovary
Ovari/o Ovary
Perine/o Perineum
Phor/o To bear
Salping/o Fallopian tubes
Uter/o Uterus
Vagin/o Vagina
Vulv/o Vulva
Amni/o Amnion
Bartholin/o Bartholin gland
Chori/o chorion/o Chorion
Colp/o Vagina
Culd/o Cul-de-sac
Episi/o Vulva
Galact/o Milk
Gynec/o Women female
Hyster/o Uterus, womb
Lact/o Milk
Mamm/o , mast/o Breast
Men/o Menses, menstruation
Metr/o, metri/o Uterus, womb
Created by: Krystal Richard
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