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URI Anatomy Quiz 3

URI Anatomy Quiz 3 thoracic topography and the female breast

The superior most vertebral spine that can be palpated is _____. cervical vertebra 7, spinous process
The superior attachment of the female breast is at the level of _____. rib 2, midclavicular line, left and right
The gland of the breast that produces oil is the _____. sebaceous gland
The line located 10 cm (4 inches) left and right of midsternum is the _____. midclavicular line
The bony prominence that may be palpated at the distal end of the clavicle is the _____. acromion process
There are _____ (how many) ribs in a human male. 12 pairs (24)
The vertical line passing through the inferior angle of the scapula is the _____. scapular line
The most distal (lateral) bony prominence of the human shoulder is the _____. acromion process
The bony structure that may be palpated in the infraclavicular fossa is the _____. coracoid process
There is a slight bony rise at the manubriosternal joint and this is an important landmark of the thoracic wall. Besides calling it the manubriosternal joint, it may be called the _____. sternal angle
The intercostal space is numbered for the rib superior to the space. False = 67, true = 68. True
The portion of the sternum that is superior and adjacent to the xiphoid process is the _____. body (or gladiolus) of the sternum
The superior angle of the scapula is at the level of _____. thoracic vertebra 7, spinous process
Near the nipple there is an enlargement of the lactiferous duct. It is the _____. lactiferous sinus
The pectoral fold is primarily the _____. pectoralis major muscle
The raised, pigmented area of skin that surrounds the nipple is called the _____. It probably functions as a visual cue as to the location of the nipple for the infant. areola
The organ that can be palpated deep to the skin superior to the suprasternal notch is the _____. trachea
The acromion process of the scapula articulates with the _____ (be specific). clavicle
The suprasternal notch may also be referred to as the _____. It is an important landmark since this is where one might perform a tracheotomy. juglular notch
The proximal end of the clavicle articulates with the _____. manubrium
The portion of the mammary gland that extends toward the axilla and is superficial to the anterior pectoral fold is the _____. axillary tail
The suspensory (Cooper's) ligaments of the female breast are formed from deep fascia. False



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