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sped assessment

assessment info

Assessment Process pre-referral, screening, referral, eval and id, instructional program planning, placement, review and eval
pre-referral begins assmt process, informal step, teacher id child’s problem areas,if gen ed problems give interventions to see if help, if yes sped referral done if not go to second step
screening quick and simple test covers basic skills and gathers additional info that may detect who is in need of more comprehensive eval and possible sped services
referral professionals use info from a variety of sources, conduct observations to study class performance and behaviors and then refer for further eval
evaluation and id comprehensive eval by pro determines disabil-possible eligibile for sped.Timelines requirements for types of measurements tools used must align w/fed law. Multifactored asssmt, by a team is an eval of a student using variety of test instrumts and proc.
instructional program planning assmt info is essential for program planning to create goals, determine placemt, make plans for instrc delivery. Team meets to share results make decisions about student and services.
placement after team designs iep, decisions about LRE and specs about services made, implement
review and eval monitor progress according to IEP to develop reg progress reports, adjust IEP, review achievements and progress using formal, informal, alternate measurements
Achievement test formal tool measures knowledge or proficiency in subject or topic
Active student response frequency based used to determine student’s participation rate during instruction
Anecdotal record informal measuremt of teachers notes by observation of student work, performance,used in parent conferences
Aptitude test formal measure standard/or norm references test–find ability to acquire skills/gain knowledge
Authentic assessment i nformal method for comprehension and performance of skill – classrm assessment
Behavior assessment variety of eval tools to track behaviors and document progress on BIP or self mange
Criterion references test formal measure evaluates on specified info, check knowledge by answering specific questions and does not compare one student to another
Curriculum based measure eval progress and performance of skills in curriculum, lessons, teacher finds best way to assist child and to share with parents
Ecological based assessment informal observation of interaction w/environmt during regular schedule
Functional behavior assessment – FBA gather info about problem behaviors of child used to eval need for behavior intervention and behavior plan
Intelligence Test IQ norm ref test to assess learning abilities/intellectual capacity, measure cognitive behav
Norm referenced test formal tool – like MSA comparing student to others in same age group – helpful in developing curriculum and identifying intervention needs.
Observation watch student in several settings – notes on performance, behaviors, helps with behavior plans and for use with comprehensive assessments
Performance assessment informal measure by teacher to check ability to complete task to a topic
Portfolio assessment gather info on completed products helpful for eval progress –share w/parents
Standards-based assessment formal eval –criterion or norm ref, measures progress of meeting goal from district or state - county benchmark
Summative eval informal procedure to assess achievement and teacher instruction
Created by: amjshock
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