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court case

sped court case

Jacob K. Javits Gifted and Talented Student Education Act – 1988 PL 100-297 Fed funds provided economically disadvantaged,demonstrate limited English proficiency or have disability andidentified as gt
1954 – Brown vs. Bd of Ed separate but =
1967 – Hobson vs. Hansen based only on IQ– tracking system for all was discriminatorily unconstitutional
1972 – Mills v Bd of Ed $ financial problems can’t be reason for lack of approp. programs
1972–Pennsyl. Asso. For Retarded Citizens vs Commonwealth of PA MR right FAPE
1979 – Armstrong v Kline extended school year services
1979– Larry P vs Riles IQ test not used as primary or sole basis of placing students in sped program
1982 – Bd of Ed of Hudson School District vs Rowley right to IEP
1983 – Abrahamson v Hershman $ district funds pay for training and education for student w/multiple disabilities in a private residential placement
1984 – Dept. of Ed vs. Katherine D LRE home instruction for student w/multiple health problems didn’t follow LRE
1984 Irving Independent School District v. Tatro MED service forced school to provide non-physician required med services to all a physically impaired student to attend school
1988 Honig vs Doe misbehavior students w/disabilities not excluded for misbehavior that is disability related but services could cease if behavior was not related to disability
1989 Timothy vs. Rochester School District FAPE All receive FAPE without exception
1993- Zobrest vs. Catalina School District – Parochial student is provided assistance of related service pertaining to disability-doesn’t violate separation of church and state
1993 – Oberti vs. Bd of Ed MR support family preference to educated child with MR in gen ed class
1998- Foley v. Special School District of St. Louis County not $ for private school -public schools not obligated to provide sped services if parents choose to place child in private school
1999- Cedar Rapids v. Garrett F med services needed to child w/disability to access and benefit from sped must be provided by school as long as service doesn’t require physician.
Created by: amjshock
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