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Medical Terminology

Chapters 1-6 abbreviations

CCU coronary care unit
ECU emergency care unit
ER emergency room
ED emergency department
ICU intensive care unit
PICU pediatric intensive care unit
NICU neonatal intensive care unit
SICU surgical intensive care unit
PACU postanesthesia care unit
L&D labor and delivery
OR operating room
post-op after surgery
pre-op before surgery
(R) right
(L) left
(B) bilateral
VS vital signs
T temperature
BP blood pressure
HR heart rate
RR respiratory rate
Ht height
Wt weight
BMI body mass index (measurement of body fat based on height and weight)
I/O intake / output
Dx diagnosis
DDx differential diagnosis
Tx treatment
Rx prescription
H&P history and physical
Hx history
CC chief complaint
HPI history of present illness
ROS review of symptoms
PMHx past medical history
FHx family history
PE physical exam
Pt patient
y/o years old
h/o history of
PCP primary care provider
f/u follow-up
SOB shortness of breath
PERRLA pupils are equal, round, and reactive to light accommodation
NAD no acute distress
RRR regular rate and rhythm
CTA clear to auscultation
WDWN well developed, well nourished
A&O alert and oriented
WNL within normal limits
NOS not otherwise specified
NEC not elsewhere classified
PO per os (by mouth)
NPO nil per os (nothing by mouth)
PR per rectum (anal)
IM intramuscular
SC subcutaneous (under the skin)
IV intravenous
CVL central venous line
PICC peripherally inserted central catheter
Sig instructions
ad lib as desired
BID twice daily
TID three times daily
QD* daily
QID* four times daily
QHS at night
AC before meals
PC after meals
prn as needed
ABCDE asymmetry, border, color, diameter, evolving
AK actinic keratosis
BCC basal cell carcinoma
Bx biopsy
C&S culture and sensitivity
decub decubitis ulcer
derm dermatology
EAHF eczema, asthma, hay fever
FS frozen section
ID intradermal
SC subcutaneous
SCC squamous cell carcinoma
SQ subcutaneous
subcut subcutaneous
TD transdermal
XP xeroderma pigmentosa
Fx fracture
Tx traction or treatment
ACL anterior cruciate ligament
MCL medial collateral ligament
LCL lateral collateral ligament
PCL posterior cruciate ligament
C1-C7 cervical vertebrae
T1-T12 thoracic vertebrae
L1-L5 lumbar vertebrae
S1-S5 sacral vertebrae
CTS carpal tunnel syndrome
EMG electromyogram
FROM full range of motion
MD muscular dystrophy
NSAID nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug
OA osteoarthritis
ORIF open reduction internal fixation
PT physical therapy
RA rheumatoid arthritis
RICE rest, ice, compression, elevation
ROM range of motion
THR total hip replacement
TKR total knee replacement
WB weight bearing
WBAT weight bearing as tolerated
ADHD attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder
ALS lou gehrig's disease (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis)
CNS central nervous system
CP cerebral palsy
CSF cerebrospinal fluid
CVA cerebrovascular accident
EEG electroencephalogram
EMG electromyogram
HD huntingtons disease
ICP intracranial pressure
LOC level of conciousness
LP lumbar puncture
MRA magnetic resonance angiography
MS multiple sclerosis
OCD obsessive compulsive disorder
PET position emission tomography
PNS peripheral nervous system
SRS stereotactic radiosurgery
TIA transient ischemic attack
ARMD age-related macular degeneration
HEENT head, eyes, ears, nose, throat
IOL intraocular lens
IOP intraocular pressure
LASIK laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis
OD right eye
OS left eye
OU both eyes
VA visual activity
VF visual field
AD right ear
AS left ear
AU both ears
AOM acute otitis media
EENT eye, ear, nose, throat
ENT ear, nose, throat
OM otitis media
TM tympanic membrane
Created by: lluckey3
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