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SAT Words

ELA 7th Grade

Pithy Brief and full of meaning and substance; concise
Aversary An opponent; enemy
MItigate To make or become less severe; to lessen pain or damage
Ominous Pertaining to an evil omen; foreboding
Extraneous Not necessary; not an essential part; not relevant
Trifling Lacking significance; unimportant
Skeptic A person who doubts
Unobtrusive Inconspicuous; not easily noticed
Antiquated Very old and no longer in use; obsolete
Heedful Paying careful attention to
Prose Writing that is not poetry or rhyming verse
Ramble To talk on and on painlessly, without a clear direction
Irrefutable Unable to be argued against; indisputable
Lithe Nimble and flexible; agile;supple
Misanthrope Someone who dislikes all people
Surpass To be better than; to excel
Proximity Nearness in time, location, relaxation
Bolster To support; to strengthen
Candor Honestly, sincerity
Indignant Angry, resentful
Verbose Using too many words; long-winded
Vague Not clear;not expressed with clarity;not defined,obscure
Trite Unoriginal and stale due to overuse
Amicable Showing goodwill, peaceful
Obsequious Obeying or performing a service for someone in an orderly or attentive manner
Unwavering Firm and determined
Nomadic Wandering
Sly Underhanded,furtive
Prudent Careful,cautious,and wise
Indigenous native ; originating in a specific country or region
Precautious dangerous or risky
Indolent Lazy; not wanting to do any work
Haughty Having great pride in oneself and dislike for others
incorrigible bad beyond correction
culpable at fault;deserving blame
aberrant any person or thing that differs substantially from something or deviating from the normal;abnormal exceptional; atypical
brusque abrupt;blunt
Cajole To persuade; to urge repeatedly often with flattery
Diatribe Abusive, attack, criticism, or ranting
Unkempt Not groomed,not neat or tidy
Mortify To embarrass greatly
Gawky Awkward, clumsy
Bedlam A scene of uproar and noisy
Encumbered To weigh down, burden
Cantankerous Hard to get along with
Arduous Extremely difficult; tiresome
Innocuous Harmless, not of great consequence, unlikely to irritate or offend, not interesting
Disdain Full of bitter disrespect; to treat as unworthy
Disgruntle Unhappy; dissatisfied
Somber Dark and gloomy or dull
Created by: nicolebh
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