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Terminology Final 1

Terminology Final review

Abdomen abdomin/o, lapar/o, venter-, ventro-, celi/o
abdominal cavity celi/o
abnormal dys-
abnormal condition -iasis, -osis, -ia,
above epi-, hyper-, supra-, super-
absence a-, an-,
absence of opoening -atresia
acetabulum (hip socket) -atresia
acromion (projection or scapula) acromi/o,
across dia-, trans-
act of leading -duction
adenoids adenoid/o
adrenal glands adren/o, adrenal/o
after post-, meta-
again re-,
against ana-, anti-, contra-
aged ger/o, geront/o
air aer/o, pneum/o, pneumon/o, pneumat/o
albumin (protein) albumin/o
alike home/0
all pan-
alveoli alveol/o
alveolus alveol/o, alveoli/o
amnion amni/o, amniotic sac
amniotic sac amnion, amni/o
aneurysm aneurysm/o
angle goni/o
anterior anter/o
antrum antr/o
anus an/o, proct/o, ano-
aorta aort/o
aponeurosis aponeur/o
appendix append/o, appendic/o
appetite -orexia
arm brachi/o
armpit axill/o
around circum-, peri-, para-
arteriole ateriol/o
artery artri/o
asbestos asbest/o
atrium atri/o
attraction for phil, phil/o, philia
auditory tubes -salpinx,
away from ab-, ef-
axis ax/o
axon ax/o
babble -lalia
back retro-, ana-, re-
back (of body) dors/o, poster/o
backward retro-, re-
bacteria bacteri/o
bad mal-, dys-
bag cyst/o
band fasci/o
base (alkaline, opposite of acid) bas/o
bear par/o, part/o
before ante-, pre-, pro-, fore-, -praxia
beginning -arche, -genis
behind retro-, post-, poster/o
belly ventr/o
belly side ventr/o
below hypo-, sub-, infer/o, infra-
bent ankyl/o, scoli/o
berry shaped -coccus
besied para-
between inter-
beyond meta-, ultra-, para-, hyper-, trans-
bile chol/e, bil/o
bile duct choledoch/o
bile vessel cholangi/o
bilirubin bilirubin/o
binding -desis (bone)
birth nat/o, -partum
black anthrac/o, malan/o
bladder cyst/o, vesic/o
blockage isch/o
blood hem/o, hemat/o, vacul/o
blood condition -emia
blood vessel hemangi/o
blue cyan/o
body corp/o, corpor/o, somat/o
bodies -somes
bone oste/o, os-
bone marrow myel/o, oste/o
both ambi-
brain cerebr/o, encephal/o
break -clasia, -clasis, -clast
breast mamm/o, mast/o
breathe spir/o
breathing -pnea,
bringing -duction
bronchi bronch/o, bronchi/o
bronchial tubes bronchi/o
bronchiole bronchiol/o
bronchus bronch/o, bronchi/o
burn cauter/o
burning caus/o,caust/o
bursa burs/o
bursting forth -rrhage, rrhagia
calcaneum (heel bone) calcane/o
calcium calc/o
calculus -lith, lith/o, litho-
calyx cali/o, calic/o
cancer carcin/o
carbon dioxide -capnia
carpus (wrist bone) carp/o
carry duct/o
carrying -phoresis
cartilage chondr/o
cause eti/o
causing -genic
causing death -cide
cavity sinus/o, sin/o
cecum cec/o
cell -cyte, cyt/o, -cyto
cerebellum cerebell/o
cerebrum cerebr/o
cervix uteri (neck of cervix) cervic/o
cessation de-
change meta-, morph/o
cheek bucc/o
chemical chem/o
chest pector/o, steth/o, thorac/o, -thorax
child ped/o, pod/o, ped/i
childbirth -tocia, puerper/o
choroid choroid/o
chorion chori/o
ciliary body of eye cycl/o
circular cycl/o
clavicle (collar bone) clavicul/o
clear -lucent
cleft schist/o
clonus (turmoil) clon/o
closure -clesis
clothes vest/o
clumping agglution/o
coal anthrac/o
coccys (tailbone) coccyg/o
cochlea cochle/o
cold cry/o
colon col/o, colon/o
colour chrom/o, chromat/o, -chromic
conceiving -ception
condition -esis, -ia, -us, -y, -ema, -iasis, -isy, -sis, -ism
condition of -osis, -sis, -iasis
conducting -duction
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