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Stack #23205

Aural Anatomy COMD 371

prefixes / suffixes / termsmeaning
a / n without, absence
ante before
anti against
audio related to hearing
de remove
deci/a one tenth
dys disordered, abnormal
ecto on, outside
encephalo brain
endo in, inside
hema blood
hyper excessive
hypo deficient
inter between
intra within
macro large
meso middle, intermediate
micro small
myo relating to muscles
neuro relating to nerves
os / osseo / osteo bone
oto relating to the ear
peri around, about
retro located behind
sub under
-cide kill
-cise cut
-ectomy excision, removal
-itis inflammation of
-oma tumor of
-oscopy look into
-osis condition of
-otomy cut into
-plasty surgical formation of
-sclerosis hardening of
-tomy incision
aurio dextra AD right ear
aurio sinister AS left ear
aurio utrae AU each ear
Created by: bperegoy