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Settlement, problems, recovery

Official permission from the government to create a company or corporation. Charter
A privately owned company where investors pool their money to pursue some business venture Joint stock company
Someone who contributes money to a corporation or other business in hopes of making a profit investor
The joint stock company that started the Jamestown colony the Virginia Company
The primary purpose of the Jamestown colony was to find gold or other precious metals or jewels
Jamestown was established 30 miles up the James River in order to be concealed from the Spanish
Jamestown was established on what kind of land a swamp
This was the cause of many cases of disease at Jamestown bad water
The Jamestown colonists wasted much time in a futile search for gold
Many of the colonists were useless to the colony because they had the wrong skills
These Jamestown colonists refused to work and gambled and drank instead. gentlemen
For long periods of time Jamestown colonists could not farm or hunt for food because of hostile Native Americans
If you were in the initial group of Jamestown colonists your chances of surviving for three years was about 15%
The colony was saved when this leader took over Jamestown John Smith
John Smith's one rule was if you don't work you don't eat
This policy by John Smith also helped save the colony Friendly relations and trade with the Native Americans
John Smith returned to England when he was wounded in a powder explosion
The winter of 1610 in Jamestown was known as the Starving Time
This man replaced John Smith as the strong leader of Jamestown Lord De La Warr
Under the leadership of Lord De La Warr everyone must farm or be imprisoned or killed
Relations with the Native Americans improved when this woman married the colonist, John Rolf Pocahantas
The marriage of Pocahontas was arranged by _______________ in order to secure the colonists as a ally her father Powhatan
Youngsters sent to Jamestown to serve an artisan and learn their skills were apprentices
After the colony met with some success, the major source of labor for Jamestown was from indentured servants
Indentured servants worked for a period of time after arriving in Jamestown in order to pay for their passage to the colony
In 1619 the first ___________ were brought to Jamestown to provide labor. Africans
The first Africans came to Jamestown as indentured servants
After serving, usually for seven years, indentured servants were freed and received 50 acres of land
Giving land to indentured servants only became a problem when the colonists began to live long enough to collect the land
The amount of land given to indentured servants began to cause conflicts with the Native Americans
This made Jamestown a profitable enterprise. tobacco
brown gold is tobacco
This colonist developed the mild tobacco that became popular in Europe John Rolf
After 1619, Jamestown was largely ruled by the New World's first elected, representative government
The Jamestown colonists were able to demand a say in their government because government from England was inefficient and the colonists possessed significant wealth
The assembly of representatives elected by Jamestown colonists was called the House of Burgesses
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