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IPHY 3415- exam 2

What 2 muscles originate at the coracoid process short head biceps brachii, coracobrachialis
What 3 muscles insert on linea aspera adductor longus, adductor brevis, adductor magnus
What 4 anterior muscles originate from the interosseus membrane (b/w tibia and fibula) extensor digitorum longus, tibialis anterior, fibularus tertius, extensor hallucis longus
Longus vs brevis longus you can see tendons, brevis not
Deltoid continues to what (continues to what)? deltoid->brachialis->brachioradialis
Fibularis tertius aka peroneus tertius
What 2 muscles make up iliopsoas psoas major and ilacus
What is g on face model genioglossus
What is h on face model geniohyoid
What 4 muscles make up the rotator cuff supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor, subscapularis
What 3 muscles make up erector spinae iliocostalis, longissimus, spinalis
What is under flexor carpi ulnaris flexor digitorum profundus
What is under flexor carpi radialis flexor pollicus longus
Which tendon splits on the anterior hand flexor digitorum profundus
Beware of what on the back of the leg sciatic nerve
Tendons around medial malleolus (anterior to posterior) tibialis posterior, flexor digitorum longus, (bloody nervous) flexor hallucis longus
What two muscles are stuck to extensor digitorum extensor indicus and extensor digiti minimi
Two really deep muscles anterior elbow supinator and anconeus
Digastric and omohyoid which is superior/inferior and which is anterior and posterior?
Scalenes what is with them anterior, blood/nervous, middle, posterior
Posterior digastric looks like what a tendon
3 types of fibrous joints sutures, syndesmoses, gomphoses
syndesmoses (fibrous joint type) longer bands of fibers w/ interosseous membranes or ligaments
gomphoses aka periodontal ligaments
two types of cartilaginous joints synchondroses and symphyses
synchondroses cartilaginous joint w/ hyaline cartilage as intervening material (ie sternoclavicular joint)
symphyses cartilaginous joing w/ fibrocartilage as intervening material (ie pubic symphysis)
5 things present in a synovial joint articular cartilage (hyaline), joint cavity, articular capsule, synovial fluid, reinforcing ligaments
3 types of reinforcing ligaments intrinsic, intracapsular (cruciate ligaments), extracapsular (collateral ligaments)
origin remains stationary
insertion attachment that moves
raphe a slender band of collagen fibers for muscle attachment (seam)
fixator a type of synergist that prevents undesirable movement
flexion decreasing angle
extension increasing angle
abduction away from midline
adduction toward midline (past midline is hyperadduction)
medial rotation rotating so anterior structures face more medially
lateral rotation rotating to anterior structures face more laterally
circumduction moving distal end of an appendage in a circle
dorsiflexion lifting anterior part of foot
plantar flexion lowering the anterior part of the foot
inversion turn the sole of the foot medially
eversion turn the sole of the foot laterally
protraction to thrust forward (jut chin)
retraction to move posteriorly
upward rotation rotating scapula laterally so glenoid cavity faces up
downward rotation rotating the scapular medially so glenoid cavity faces down
elevation moving upward
depression moving downward
supination lateral rotation of forearm
pronation medial rotation of forearm
opposition moving thmb to face little finger
reposition moving opposed thumb back to anatomical position
horizontal adduction (arm out straight) in towards/past midline
horizontal abduction (arm out straight) rotating backwards to or past 180
where is opponens pollicis deep/between abductor and flexor
which major and minor pair doesn’t insert in same place teres minor and major
what 2 muscles insert on the 5th metatarsal fibularis tertius and fibularis brevis
what 3 muscles insert on the calcaneus plantaris direct, gastrocnemius and soleus via Achilles tendon
what 3 muscles insert on the greater tubercle infraspinatus, supraspinatus, teres minor
what 3 muscles insert on medial border of scapula rhomboid minor, major, levator scapula
what 3 muscles posterior lower leg originate in the interosseus membrane flexor hallucis longus, tibialis posterior, soleus
what 2 muscles originate on femur condyles gastrocnemius and popliteus
what coveres up the scalenes? sternocleidomastoid
humerus o and i sally sings the loud part CBD
coracoid process o and i BCP
what makes up “per anserinus” (goose foot) gracilis tendon, semimembranosus tendon, semitendonosus tendon
two sideways and deep muscles in the anterior forearm pronator teres (elbow), pronator quadrus (wrist)
what is under abductor hallucis on foot flexor hallucis brevis
what 2 tendons are on deepest layer of foot model tibialis posterior and fibularis longus
Created by: melaniebeale