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Muscle System

The tendons in the body are created by the _____________. Epimysium
Where would one find smooth muscles? hollow organs of the digestive tract
T or F? muscles can only push, not pull False, they only pull
What term best describes the shortening of muscles when they move? A. isotonic B. isometric C. synergy D. irritability A. isotonic
T or F? during contraction, the muscle origin moves toward the insertion False, insertion moves toward the origin
Movement that increases the angle between two bones or parts of the body is termed __________. Extension
The single sheet-like muscle that covers the anterolateral neck is called the : Platysma
The triangle-shaped muscle that sits on top of the shoulder and is the favorite site of injection for small amounts of medication is: deltoid
Which of the following muscles are NOT located in the lower limb? A. sartorius B. tibialis anterior C. rectus femorus D. iliopsoas D. iliopsoas
Which term best describes the muscle that assists the main muscle group or reduces undesirable movements? synergist
Which type of muscle displays a feather pattern? Pinnate
What term best describes a body movement that increases the angle between two bones or parts of the body? Extension
What does the endomysium cover? a bundle of muscle fibers
what is the job of the antagonist? reverse a particular movement
Describe what the fusiform fascicle arrangement would look like? spindle shaped
What two muscles make up the epicranius muscle? frontalis and occipitalis
What is the name of the flat, sheet-like connective tissue that can be found in the abdominal region as well as on the head? Aponeurosis
What are the three types of muscle tissue? Skeletal , cardiac, smooth
What type of muscle tissue has the longest fibers? skeletal
what type of muscle tissue is spiral or figure 8 shaped and has intercalated discs? Cardiac
What type of muscle forces fluids and other substances through internal body channels and is arranged in layers? Smooth
Banding pattern structure, chains of contractile units called sarcomeres: myofibrils
_______ and _________ cause contraction. myosin and actin
the sarcoplasmic reticulum's major role is to store __________ and to release it on demand when the muscle fiber is stimulated to contract. Calcium
The outer covering of the whole muscle is called __________ epimysium
surrounding each bundle of muscle fibers is the __________ perimysium
a wispy sheath of connective tissue that surrounds the individual muscle fiber is the ___________. endomysium
The muscle's _____________(origin/insertion) is attached to the immovable or less movable bone origin
The _______________ moves toward the ____________. (origin/insertion) Insertion towards the origin
Triangular or fan-shaped muscle is called ____________. convergent
____________ is when muscle is arranged in concentric rings (sphincters) circular
Parallel muscles are usually strap-like or spindle shaped; these muscles may also be called __________. fusiform
___________ muscles are short and attach obliquely to a central tendon that runs the length of the muscle. pennate
Muscles can shorten as much as ____% of their resting length but it is the number of fibers that determine its power. 70%
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