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AP Euro Chapter 13

Divine Right Theory of monarchical absolutism... King's get power from god and are beyond control by earthy bodies
Junkers Higher nobility... Prussia's landowning nobility supported monarchy and served in army in exchange for absolute power over serfs
Boyars Russian aristocrats who possessed less political power than did their counterparts in Western Europe
Dutch Republic and Stadtholder 1. Made urban transformation possible economic prosperity and achievement house of orange and William of 3 leadership 2. Chief executive of Holland most important of provinces rallied the Dutch and led entire European coalition against france
Parliamentary Monarchy England failed- dependent on support of noble estates diets or assembles
Political Absolutism France succeed and built secure financial base not dependent on support of noble estates - monarchies achieved absolute rule
James 1 Court of scandal/corruption defends popular recreation against puritans and failure to relax penal laws arrange marriage between Charles and Spanish princess
Charles 1 Queried Parliament and fought armies of English and Scottish in English civil war and surrendered to Scottish force handing him over to English parliament
Petition of Rights Document required that there should be no forced loans or taxation without consent of parliament members would grant new funds only of Charles recognized
English civil war Provide king with annual income to live off of and the state of circumstances lead to execution of Charles and military dictatorship across britain
Oliver Cromwell Helped parliament win English civil war dominated puritan republic army conquered Scotland and Ireland ruined Anglican church and monarchy
Charles the 2nd Favored religious toleration, issued declaration and gained extra income due to Louis the the 14th good and converted to Catholicism on death bed
Restoration Monarchy was restored (English, Scottish and Irish) under Charles the second that followed wars of 3 kingdoms
Glorious Revolution In response to James the second catholic second wife giving birth to son creating opposition as William the third and Mary the second the new monarchs created the revolution.
William of orange and Mary the 2nd New monarchs completiting the glorious revolution and recognized the bill of rights
English bill of rights Limited powers of monarchy and guaranteed civil liberties of English privileged classes which created English monarchs subject to law and would rule by consent of parliament
Absolute monarchy monarch is head of state with unrestricted power
Louis XIV Helped create France an absolute monarchy clash with parliament of paris
Cardinal Mazarin Imposed direct royal administration on France created rebellions amount French nobles
Fronde Series of widespread rebellions among French nobles
Versailles Largest secular structure in Europe Louis permanent residence
Jean Baptiste Colbert Minister helped Louis maintain and afford powerful army
War of Spanish succession Bourbons had secured Spanish throne but Spain forfeited its possessions in finders and italy
Treaty of Utrecht Established peace of Utrecht and series of individual peace treaties signed by beligerns in war of Spanish succession
Pragmatic sanction Edict issued bib Charles the 6th to ensure the Habsburg hereditary possessions could be inherited by a daughter.
The great ELECTOR FREDERICK Central unity power by breaking the local noble estates organizing a royal bureaucracy and building with a strong army
Frederick the first achievenement of royal title and least Prussian of fmaily
Frederick WiLIIAm the 1st monarch to rule the Hohenzollern domains and organized bureaucracy along military lines
Streltsy Power of Peter the great and army frmed by Ivan the terrible
Peter the great 10 years old and dragged Russia out of medieval times and made attack on boyars
St.Petersburg Important Russian port on Baltic sea
Created by: adolhay