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Chapter 3 SC

investigate to try to discover facts and other information about something
charter a document granting the recipient the right to settle a colony
joint-stock company a company in which investors buy stock in return for a share of its future profits
expand to increase in size or number
headright a 50-acre grant of land given to colonial settlers who paid their own way
burgess elected representative to an assembly
dissent to disagree with or oppose an opinion
persecute to mistreat a person or group on the basis of their beliefs
tolerance the ability to accept or put up with different views or behaviors
enforce apply to a rule or law
policy a statement of ideals or plan of action
patroon landowner in the Dutch colonies who ruled over large areas of land
ethnic of or relating to national, tribal, racial, religious, language, or cultural background
pacifists people opposed to the use of war or violence to settle disputes
function to be in action; to operate
indentured servant laborer who agrees to work without pay for a certain period of time in exchange for passage to America
estate large area of land that has one owner
dominate to control
constitution a list of fundamental laws to support a government
indigo The indigofera plant, often called just indigo, was used to make indigo dye
debtor person or country that owes money
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