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Ben Kean lecture 2

What are the 4 morphological forms of the blood and tissue flagelets? AMASTIGOTE, proMASTIGOTE, epiMASTIGOTE, trypoMATIGOTE
What are the clinical classifcations of Leishmania? Mucoasal, Visceral and Mucocutaneous
What organism carreis around Leishmania donovani? Sandfly
What does the cutanoneous Leishmania look like? Painless ulcer at the site of sandfly bite?
How do you diagnose leschmania? Take a sample of spleen. You should see macrophages containing amastigotes
Where do you see visceral Leischmanias more? East Afria and S. America
Where do you see cutaneous Leishmanias more? South America and M.E
What can be found in the pbs in T cruzi? TrypoMASTIGOTE
What do you find in the heart of a T. cruzi infection? A cyst filled with amastigote parasites
What are teh associated symptoms of T.cruzi? Fever, Romanas sign, lymphadenopathy
What are teh chronic cardiac consequences of T. cruzi? Cardiomyopathy, conduction system disease
Patients with visceral Lesihmania have what? Fever, hepatosplenomelgaly, Pancytopenia
What is the transmission of T.cruzi? Reduvvid/kissing bug
Trypansomia Rhodesia is named after which country? Zimbabwe
Other than zimbabwe which are country has a name after trypanosoma? T. Gambiense
What is the initial prezentation of AS Sickness? Chancre, subsequent development of myocarditis, pericarditis, nephritis and pleural effusions
What do you get in A.S. Sickness? Enlarged lymph nodes, recurring fever
What do the ASS look like under smear? S shaped
What is the shape of cruzi? C(ruzi) shaped
Strongyloides may affect immunocompromised T/F? True
Wha are the symptoms of G. Lamblia? Diarrhea, foul smelling, weight loss
What does the trophozoite look like? Face - nuclei eyes - axonemas, parabasal - mouth
What is the cyst? Infective form
How may one get G. lamblia? Cysts in water, beavers
Where does teh G. lamblia trophozoite attach? Intestine
How do you get entamoeba histolytica? Eat cysts in water, sex
What are the symptoms of E. Histolytica? Bloody diarrhea, liver abscess Toxic megacolon, RUQ pain
do the cysts look the same as in G. lamblia? No, these are round with 4 nuclie
What do the trophozoites of E. histolytica look like? These have RBCS incisde as well as a karysome?
How do you diagnose E.histolytica? Seroogy, or cysts, increased trophozoites in stool, RBCS in cytoplams of antameoba
Describe the life cycle of strongyloides? larvae penetrate skin, transmitted through lungs - intestine (possible hyperinfection) ->larvae in feces
Where can you see strongyloides? In the Bronchosopy, it causes vomitting, diarrhea and ANEMIA
What is the life cycle of ascaris? You eat the eggs, eggs enter bowel and obstruct
What does ascaris result in ? Bowel obstruction
What is the hookworm really called? Ancytostoma dudonea, Necator Americanus
Is the hoookworm similar to strongyloides? Yes, however it results in suckin blood from intestines
What does hookworm result in most commonly? Anemia
Worms in the anus are callled what? Enterobius Vermiculus, you get it with food in w/ eggs
What does enterobius result in? Intestinal infection, anal pruritis
Created by: villagejoker