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Anatomy week 11

Oral Mucosa

List the 3 main types of oral mucosa in the oral cavity: 1.Lining Mucosa 2.Masticatory Mucosa 3.Specialized Mucosa
List the 3 types of Stratified Squamous Epithelium of the Oral Mucosa: 1.Nonkeratinized 2.Orthokeratinized 3. Parakeratinized
What 2 types of oral mucosa are involved with lingual papillae? 1.Masticatory 2.Specialized
List the 4 types of lingual papillae: 1.Filiform 2.Fungiform 3.Foliate 4.Circumvallate
What is the only lingual papillae without taste buds? Filiform
How many days does it take for taste bud turnover? 10days
(T/F) Nonkeratinized turnover is faster than keratinized tissue. True
What is the most common cell in the lamina propria? Fibroblasts
What is the most common fiber of the lamina propria? Collagen Fiber
What 2 tissues are separated by the basement membrane? 1.Epithelial Tissue 2.Connective Tissue
What is melanin and list it’s histology? Nonkeratinized Pigmentation
What are Langerhans cells? White Blood Cells
Define Hyperkeratosis: Epithelial tissue with excessive production of keratin
List 2 types of keratinized epithelium: 1.Orthokeratinized 2.Parakeratinized
What is Oral Mucosa: Stratified Squamous Epithelium
List the 6 locations of Lining Mucosa: 1.Buccal mucosa 2.Labial mucosa 3.Alveolar mucosa 4.Floor of the mouth 5.Ventral tongue surface 6.Soft palate
List 2 histology facts about Lining Mucosa: 1.Nonkeratinized 2.It has 3-layers of tissue
What are the 3 oral epithelium tissue layers of Lining Mucosa? 1.Basal (base next to the basement) 2.Intermediate 3.Superficial
What are the what are the 2 Connective tissues of Lining Mucosa? 1.Lamina Propria (dense fibrous and papillary layer) 2.Submucosa
List 5 clinical appearance characteristics of Lining Mucosa: 1.Pink or Red 2.Shiny 3.Moist 4.Stretchable 5.Compressible (acting as a cushion)
List 5 clinical appearance characteristics of Masticatory Mucosa: 1.Coral Pink 2.Immobline 3.Rubbery surface texture 4.Resilient 5.Serves as a firm base
List 3 locations of Masticatory Mucosa and also list the histology of the area: 1.Attached gingiva (mostly parakeratinized some ortho) 2.Hard Palate (Orthokeratinized) 3.Dorsal of the tongue (both ortho and para)
List 2 histology facts about Masticatory Mucosa: 1.Keratinized 2.It has pronounced Rete Ridges
What is the clinical appearance of Specialized Mucosa? 1. Lingual Papilla
Where are the 2 locations of Specialized Mucosa? 1.Dorsal of the tongue 2.Lateral of the tongue
List 2 types of taste bud cells: 1.Taste Cells 2.Supporting Cells
What is the histology of Specialized Mucosa? Keratinized (this means both ortho and para)
What Glands are associated with Circomvallate taste buds? Von Ebner’s Glands
What are Von Ebner’s Glands? Salivary glands
What is the function of Von Ebner’s gland? Washes out testable substances from the area of the taste buds
What is the most common form of oral mucosa in the oral cavity? Lining Mucosa
List 5 facts of Orthokerationized stratified squamous epithelium: 1.No Nuclei ( the O in Ortho = 0 for 0 nucleus) 2.No Submucosa 3.Prickle layer makes up the bulk 4.Masticatory (hard palate) 5.Sepcialized (dorsal of the tongue)
List 3 facts of Parakeratinized stratified squamous epithelium:1.No Submucosa 2.Mainly Masticatory 3.Some ortho and specialized
Define Keratin: A waterproof protein
List 2 fibers of the Lamina Propria of the Oral Mucosa: 1.Collagen fibers 2.Elastic fibers
What is the main fiber of the Lamina Propria? Collagen fibers
List the 2 layers of the Lamina propria: 1.Papillary layer 2.Dense layer
What is the main function of elastic fibers: increased mobility
List the 4 epithelial layers of Orthokeratinized Stratified Squamous Epithelium: 1.Basal layer (base next to the basement) 2.Prickle 3.Granular 4.Keratin-NO Nuclei
List the 4 epithelial layers of Paraderatinized Stratified Squamous Epithelium: 1.Basal layer (base next to the basement) 2.Prickle 3.Granular 4.Keratin-Including Nuclei
List 1 layer of the Otho. & Para. Connective tissue: Lamina Propria-dense fibrous and papillary layer (No submucosa)
What is another name for Prickle Cells? Stratum Spinosum
Define Stratum: Layer
Define the structure of Basal Cells: Cuboidal
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