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Benchmark Semester 1

Made up of the countries of Spain and Portugal, located in southwest Europe and surrounded by water on 3 sides Iberian Peninsula
Which city in the former Soviet Union suffered from a nuclear accident because of design flaws and operator error? Chernobyl
The Soviet Union's military aggression in Easter Europe led to the ______________ ____________. Cold War
To protect the colonies that each European country had started in Africa they needed to build up their _________________. military
Because Ukraine borders this large country, 24% of its people speak its language. Russia
What European country established the most colonies in the Americas in the 1600's? Spain
He funded many voyages of discovery and advances in navigation for Portugal. Prince Henry the Navigator.
After WWII, the two superpowers threatened __________ war. nuclear
The capitals of Moscow and London are located on rivers because it makes ____________ easier. trade
After the Russian Revolution in 1917 Russia became _____________________. communist
Which environmental concern is the United Kingdom facing? air pollution
A colony of Portugal. Brazil
When Europeans began to gather up land in Africa (imperialism), this caused other countries to get upset and led to WWI. Another word for 'getting upset' that starts with a 'T'. tensions
Land that is considered to be fertile is a great natural resource. Countries like Italy have a lot of _______________ (another word for fertile) land. arable
The competition for _____________ overseas (in Africa and the Americas) helped lead to the outbreak of WWI. colonies
When the Soviet Union collapsed the countries that once made up the Soviet Union became ____________________________. democracies
After WWI, Germany went through a severe economic depression and _______________ promised to save them in they voted him into power. Hitler
When Germany was reunited, factories in the east were forced to close because they were not as ____________________. modern
European countries built empires in Africa and Asia to get raw materials for manufacturing during the ______________________ __________________________. Industrial Revolution
The Scandinavian Peninsula is a ________________ in northern Europe. landform
Italy's climate is ideal for attracting tourists. It is also on a ______________, sticking out into the Mediterranean Sea. peninsula
The worldwide __________________ lead to WWII because people were angry and looking to fight. depression
European imperialism (gathering as much land as possible) led to militarism among European countries. This contributed to the start of what war? World War One
Europeans began exploring during the 15th century in order to find valuable resources and spread ________________________. Christianity
Germanic languages are spoken in __________________ Europe. northern
The rise of Nazism caused the _________________. holocaust
The United Kingdom has colonized many areas to gain the natural _______________ lacking in its own country. resources
The two conflicting ideas at the center of the Cold War were communism vs. _____________________. democracy
The Treaty of Versailles, worldwide depression, and the rise of _____________ led to WWII. nazism
The mountain range found in the northern part of Italy. Alps
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