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Pharma I

Pharma antibiotics I facts from lecture

What is CCT? Cancer chemotherapy. Therapy that distinguishes based on differences between normal and neoplastic. Treatment nonselective.
What is ACT? Exploit differences between pathogenic organism and host.
What are the ways mechanisms of ACT? 1)Inhibit cell wall synth 2)Alter cell wall perm 3)Inhibit protein synthesis 4)Inhibit nucleic acid synthesis 5)antimetabolite
What is the log kill concept? Each regin of CT kills constant %. ACT has much lower log kill than CCT.
What is the bacteriostatic? What is MIC? Inhibit growth of bacteria. MIC - Minimal inhibitory concentration.
What is bacteriocidal? What is MBC? Kill bacteria. MBC - Minimal bactericidal Conc. Usually MIC measured.
What is the postantibiotic effect? (PAE) PAE = T(time required for viable count to increase 10 times above count immediately before drug removed) - C (Time required for count in an untreated culture to increase 10 times above the count
What are antibiograms? The result of a lab testing for sensitivity of an isolated bacterial strain to antibiotics.
What are the pharmacodynamic adverse effects of ABS?q Ototoxicity, nephortoxicity
What are the allergic SEs of penicillin? Rash
Can a superinfection result from antibiotics? Yes, C. Diff
Created by: villagejoker