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Ch 17 & 9

Endocrine and Nervous Systems

ab/lat/ion action to take away from
acro- highest point, extremity
ad/ren/al pertaining to toward the kidney
alges sensation of pain
aneurysm dilation
angi/o blood vessel
anti/di/uret/ic pertaining to against complete urination
arteri/o artery
astr/o star
audit hearing
axon axis; single process of a nerve cell carrying nervous impulses away from the cell body
calc calcium
cerebell little brain
cervic neck
cognition knowledge
concuss shake violently
contus bruise
crani cranium, skull
crin/o secrete
CSF cerebrospinal fluid
dendrite looking like a tree; branched extension of the nerve cell body that receives nervous stimuli
diagnost decision
dict consent, surrender
dips thirst
ech/o sound wave
electr/o electricity
encepahl/o brain
epi/dur/al pertaining to above dura mater
epilep seizure
epi/nephr/ine pertaining to upon the kidney
esthesi/a sensation, feeling
exophthalmos protrusion of the eyeball
ganglion collection of nerve cell bodies outside of the CNS
gemin twin
gland acorn
gluc/o/neo/genesis creation of new glucose
hormon chemical messenger
hyper/glyc/emia blood condition of excessive sugar
hypo/glyc/emia blood condition of deficient sugar
hypophysis pituitary gland
-in chemical compound
ket/o ketone
lact milk
megaly enlargment
meninges membrane
mot move
myel/in substance of the spinal cord; sheath around the axon of a nerve
myx- mucus
nerve a cord of fibers in connective tissue that conduct impulses
neur/o nerve
neuron nerve cell
occipit back of the head
ocul/o eye
olfact smell
-or doer
-ory having the function of
oxy- rapid
pancreas sweetbread
pariet wall
phag eating
pheo- gray
pineal like a pine cone
pleg paralysis
-plexy stroke
press press, close
pro- before
saline salt solution
somat/o the body
somn sleep
son/o sound
spinal tap placement of a needle through an intervertebral space to withdraw CSF
thec shield
thromb/o clot
thymus sweetbread
toc childbirth
trochle pulley
-tropin stimulation
ultra- beyond
ur urine
vas/o blood vessel
ven/o vein
ventricle a cavity of the heart or brain
vuls tear, pull
Created by: dlgraser