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Flavin AP 105 Ch 8

AP105 Ch 8 2018

The bones in the palm of the hand are called: metacarpals
The shaft of a long bone is known as the: diaphysis
Form new bone matrix by encrusting collagen fibers with calcium crystals. osteoblasts
Most bones in the body are formed by a process known as: ossification
Bones of the ________ are included in the appendicular skeleton. pelvic girdle
What are the joints between the cranial bones called? synarthroses
Of what is yellow bone marrow primarily made? fatty tissue
Abduction increases the angle of a joint to move a part away from the midline.
An example of a metabolic bone disease is: osteoporosis
Largest Bone in the arm is the ___ humerous
_____ dissolve bone, releasing calcium ions for reabsorption into the bloodstream. Osteoclasts
The largest bone in the body is the _____. Femur
There are how many bones in the body? 206
A joint between two or more bones. Articulation
Osteoporosis is characterized by a loss of calcified bone matrix and reduction in number of trabeculae in spongy bone. Osteoporosis
A general term for bacterial infection in the bone is called___. Osteomyelitis
If a bone is broken it is called a ____. fracture
An acute injury to any part of the musculoskeletal system involving the tendons. Strain
The collar bone is aka the ____. Clavicle
Finger bones are aka ____. Phalanges
The sternum is aka as the ____. Breastbone aka mediastinum
Created by: Iteach4Docs
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