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Abate Terminate
Derelict Run down
Beneficent Kind
Acclaim Enthusiastic approval
Bursar Treasurer
Estrange Alienate
Momentous Significant
Chastised Lectured
Obtrude Impose
Opulent Lavish
Recapitulate Summarize
Clemency Mercy
Eschew Shun
Pollute Contaminate
Latent Hidden
Salutary Beneficial
Reflect Ignore
Blame Exalt
Amenable Cooperative
Calamity Disaster
Forthright Polite
Profound Mild
Nominal Insignificant
Fidelity Faithfulness
Avert Prevent
Keen Reluctant
Quell Suppress
Truncate Shorten
Kinetic Moving
Corroborate Confirm
Forge Fabricate
Apex Top
Assimilate Absorb
Brittle Fragile
Datum Fact
Proficient Adept
Imposed Levied
Galore Abundant
Headlong Recklessly
Frugal Economical
Stimulate Arrest
Licit Lawful
Vacate Leave
Reasoned Logical
Tacit Understood
Burnished Polished
Commodity Product
Contrived Premeditated
Supplicate To beg
Hypocrisy Honesty
Succulent Juicy
Garrison Fort
Furtherance Advancement
Domicile Home
Abrogate Abolish
Compensation Commission
Brusque Abrupt
Demise Death
Commemorated Remembered
Bore Burrow
Prevails Persists
Defray Pay
Chasm Abyss
Fundamental Basic
Susceptible Vulnerable
Emblem Symbol
Abeyance Suspension
Sturdy Well built
Bullock Ox
Brevity Terseness
Paradigm Model
Facilitated Helped
Qulescence Quiet
Spectator Observer
Reclined Leaned
Cited Specified
Surround Encircle
Illustrious Famous
Habitant Dweller
Subterfuge Evasion
Ghastly Hideous
Rigid Inflexible
Fraternal Brotherly
Deplore Regret
Meager Sparse
Weal Happiness
Guileless Frank
Confiscated Seized
Created by: PFarley18