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Ch. 14 New Med Term

Combining forms that mean night nocti and nycto
Noctiluca microscopic marine animals that make the ocean glow during the night
Ambul comes from Latin ambulare means walk
Ambulatory means able to walk
Ambulance means vehicle for transporting the sick
Ambul the word root for walk
Sleepwalking what you mean when you use the word noctambulism
Somn the word root for sleep.
Common term for sleepwalking somnambulism
Sleepwalking can occur at any age, but childhood is the most common age somnambulism
Nycto comes from the Greek word nyx
Nyctalgia pain during the night
Nyctalbuminuria the presence of albumin in the urine only during the night
Nyctalopia night blindness or difficulty in seeing at night
Lack of vitamin A in the diet one cause of nyctalopia
Al comes from the Greek word alaos meaning blind
Nyctalopia literally means night vision and has several causes
Retinal fatigue from exposure to very bright light a cause of nyctalopia
Retinitis pigmentosa another cause of nyctalopia
Abnormal fear of night nyctophobia or noctiphobia
Unusual attraction to the night nyctophilia or noctiphilia
Nocturia and Nycturia excessive urination during the night
Ankylo immovable or fixed
Ankylosed stiffened
Ankyloblepharon adhesions resulting in immovable eyelids
Ankylosis such as in ankylosing spondylitis a condition of immobility of the spine
Adeno gland
Cardio heart
Cheilo lips
Dactyl digits
Dento teeth
Dermo skin
Gastro stomach
Glosso tongue
Onycho nails
Ophthalmo eyes
Oto ears
Phago eat
Pneumono lung
Procto anus plus rectum
Urethro urethra
ia condition.
glossia condition of the tongue
Ankylostoma lockjaw (stiff mouth)
Adhesions of lips (immovable lips) ankylocheilia
Closure (immobility) of the anus and rectum ankyloproctia
Abnormal fear of ankylosis ankylophobia
Tongue tied (stiff tongue) ankyloglossia
Adhesions of fingers (immovable fingers) or toes ankylodactylia
-stasis used as a suffix and means stopping or controlling
Say you control an organ or what that organ produces viscerostasis
Fungistasis a condition in which the growth of fungi is stopped or controlled
Cholestasis control or stopping bile flow
Controlling the small intestine enterostasis
Stopping the formation of pus pyostasis
Controlling the blood flow hemostasis
Checking flow in the veins phlebostasis or venostasis
Checking flow in the arteries arteriostasis
Schizo prefix that means split
Schisto prefix that means cleft
-schisis suffix that means fissure
Split speech (incomprehensible speech) schizophasia
Splitting nails schizonychia
Schizophrenia literally split mind
A person with delusions of persecution, jealousy, and hallucinations may suffer from paranoid schizophrenia
Antipsychotic medications and psychotherapy treatments used for those with schizophrenia
Split tongue schistoglossia
Split cell (cell with a fissure) schistocyte
Split chest (fissure) schistothorax
Cleft palate palatoschisis or uranoschisis
Split spine rachischisis
Schistosomiasis an important disease in terms of world health
Carpos a Greek word meaning wrist.
Root word for wrist carp
Carpal tunnel syndrome an occupational hazard to those who perform repetitive hand movement
Pertaining to the wrist carpal
Pertaining to the wrist and metacarpals carpometacarpal
Excision of all or part of the wrist carpectomy
Meta means beyond
The bones in the hand beyond the carpals metacarpals
Tarso the combining form for the tarsal bones in the ankle
Bones located beyond the tarsals metatarsals
The lateral malleolus a protrusion on the fibula bone
The medial malleolus a protrusion on the distal end of the tibia
Phalanges the bones of the fingers and/or toes
The word root for phalanges phalang
The singular form of phalanges phalanx
Inflammation of the phalanges phalangitis
Excision of a phalanx (singular) phalangectomy
Acromio combining form for scapula
Acromion process a projection of the scapula
Pertaining to the acromion acromial
Pertaining to the acromion and humerus acromiohumeral
Pertaining to the acromion and the clavicle acromioclavicular
Humero used in words to refer to the bone in the upper arm which
The radius (radio) and the ulna (ulno) located in the forearm
FxBB fracture of both bones
condyle a rounded bony process that occurs on many bones
Complete fx break through the width of the bone
Incomplete fx break not through the width of the bone
Closed fx (simple fracture) skin is not broken
Open (compound fracture) bone ends protrude through the skin
Pathologic fracture diseased area that weakens the bone
closed manipulation movement of body part to cause bone ends to align without surgery
internal fixation, screws or nails in bone under the skin (ORIF)
external fixation, screws attached to an external bar (OREF)
Two rounded bony processes at the medial and lateral distal ends of the femur femoral condyles
Femur Latin meaning thigh
Femoro combining form for the longest bone
The artery that supplies blood to the leg called the femoral artery
The tibia the shin bone
The fibula a thin, long bone lateral to the tibia
If both bones are broken tibiofibular fracture
Tibia aligned with the big toe
Fibula aligned with the little toe
Excision of a condyle condylectomy
Resembling a condyle condyloid
Upon a condyle epicondyle
Condylar pertaining to a condyle
Word root for heel calcane
Combining form used in words to refer to the heel calcaneo
Pertaining to the heel calcaneal
Pain in the heel calcaneodynia or calcanealgia
Ischium ischio
Ilium ilio
Pubis pubo
Ileo combining form for small intestine
Ilio combining form for pelvic bone
In which body system would you find the ileocecal valve? Digestive system
In which body system would you find the iliac crest? Skeletal system
Pertaining to the ischium and rectum ischiorectal
Neurologic pain in the hip (synonym sciatica)
Pertaining to the ischium and pubis ischiopubic
Pertaining to the ischium ischial
Herniation through the ischium ischiocele
Ischio refers to the part of the hip bone known as the ischium
The plural of pubis pubes
The combining form pubo
A suprapubic incision made above the pubis
Femoro the combining form for femur
Pertaining to the pubis and femur pubofemoral
Combining form for sternum sterno
Pertaining to the sternum and pericardium sternopericardial
Pertaining to the sternum and ribs sternocostal
Pertaining to the sternum sterna
Pain in the sternum sternalgia or sternodynia
Sterno a word makes you think of the sternum which
Costo refers to ribs
Xiphoid from the Greek word xiphos means sword
The Xiphoid process the projection at the inferior end of the sternum
Xipho the combining form for xiphoid process
Pertaining to the xiphoid process and the ribs xiphocostal
The plural of ganglion ganglia
A ganglion a collection of nerve cell bodies
Combining form for ganglion ganglia
The main cerebral nerve centers the cerebral ganglia
Any of the three neural masses found in the cervical region called a cervical ganglion
A synonym for spine backbone
There are two words that mean spine rachio and spondylo
Inflammation of the spine rachitis and spondylitis
Spine pain rachialgia
Incision into the spine rachiotomy
A synonym for rachialgia rachiodynia
Instrument to measure spinal curvature rachiometer
Spinal paralysis rachioplegia
Fissure of the spine(split spine) rachischisis
Inflammation of the spine rachitis
The three basic types of spinal curvature are kyphosis (posterior curvature), lordosis (anterior curvature) and scoliosis (lateral curvature)
Cervico cervical
Thoraco thoracic
Lumbo lumbar
Sacro sacral
Coccygo coccygeal
A device used to immobilize the neck a cervical collar
Cervical traction applied as a treatment for an injured neck
Recall that the cervix the neck of the uterus.
The plural of cervix cervices
The combining form cervico
Excision of the cervix cervicectomy
Inflammation of the cervix cervicitis
Pertaining to the cervix cervical
Cervico can mean the neck
Cervicofacial pertaining to the face and neck
Cervicobrachial pertaining to the arm and neck
Cervicothoracic pertaining to the chest and neck
Cervix of the axon constriction between the cell body and the axon
Cervix dentis neck of the tooth
Cervix uteri neck of the uterus
Cervix vesicae urinariae neck of the urinary bladder
Branchio the combining form for arm
The biceps brachii a muscle in the arm
The brachial artery an artery in the arm
The muscle that extends from the upper arm to the radial bone brachioradialis muscle
Artery of the arm brachial
Arm and radius muscle brachioradialis
Arm and head brachiocephalic
The joint between the sacrum and the ilium the sacroiliac joint
Pertaining to the thorax and lumbar spines thoracolumbar
Pertaining to the sacrum and the sciatic nerve sacrosciatic
Removal of the coccyx coccygectomy
A lamina (lamino) a thin, flat sheet, plate or membrane.
A laminectomy the removal of the lamina of the vertebral posterior arch that has been ruptured (ruptured disk)
One treatment to repair an intervertebral disk herniation laminectomy
A myelogram (spinal x-ray) used to diagnose disk herniation.
diskectomy Removal of a herniated disk after which a spinal fusion may be performed
The x-ray that can be used to view the spine a myelogram
AMB ambulate, ambulatory
AOTA American Occupational Therapy Association
C1, C2, C3 7
DPM podiatrist (doctor of podiatric medicine)
Fx fracture
FxBB fracture of both bones
hs hour of sleep (hora somni) at bedtime
L1, L2, L3 -5 lumbar vertebrae 1-5
LP lumbar puncture
lt, L left
OREF open reduction external fixation
ORIF open reduction internal fixation
ORTH orthopedist, orthopedics
OTR registered occupational therapist
rt, R right
T1, T2, T3 12
y/o, yr year(s), old, year(s)
Looking inspection
Using the hands manually
Toward the side lateral
Cut into incision
Free of microorganisms sterile
Below the skin subcutaneous
Pertaining to the body structures anatomic
Inside internal
Fx fracture
Uses air pneumatic
Made to have no sensation anesthetized
Surgery to restore position reduction
Hold in place fixation
Upon the condyle epicondyle
Upper arm bone humerus
Male M
Years old y/o
Rt right
Post Anesthesia recovery par
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