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blood vessels

cardio blood vessels

Name the 3 layers of a blood vessels in the cardiovascular system. Tunica Interna, Tunica Media, Tunica Externa
Tunica Interna is what kind of tissue Endothelium and Connective Tissue
Tunica Externa is what kind of tissue Tough fibrous layer
Tunica Media is what kind of tissue Smooth Muslce
What vessel has a thicker tunica media Arteries
What vessel has a one way valve to prevent backflow Veins
Why do Arteries have a thicker tunica media Higher pressure in arteries due to force of the contraction in L ventricle.
What is the function of the blood moving through the arteries Pressure expands arterial wall, left ventricle relaxes, arteries shrink back to normal, pushing blood along.
what vessel has lower pressure. Veins
Blood returning to the heart has to work (with or against) gravity against
what is the purpose of the valve in the vein. to prevent backflow since pressure is lower
name the three main arteries that branch directly from the aortic arch. Brachiocephalic trunk, left common carotid, left subclavian artery
The brachiocephalic trunk splits into... right subclavian and common carotid
pulmonary truck splits into.. right and left pulmonary arteries
the lungs received blood from the right ventricle through what blood vessel Pulmonary trunk
common carotid splits into? Internal and external carotid arteriers
name vessel that enters skull to reach brain Internal carotid
superficial vessels that branches to the face and scalp External carotid
The external carotid artery branches to ------ and ------,( artery names not location) facial artery and superficial temporal artery
Subclavian arteries are branched from? Vertebral arteries
The basilar artery is known as brain stem artery
vertebral arteries join to form Basilar artery
blood flow through the brain is known as Circle of Willis
Axillary artery is a vessels continuation from what artery subclavian
what are the small branches that exit axillary artery brachial artery
brachial artery splits into how many arteries 2
what artery (ies) forms deep and superficial palmar arches radial and ulnar arteries
what is the first major artery on the abdonimal (descending) aorta Celiac Truck
the celiac trunk branches into what organs liver, stomach, spleen
Celiac trunk branches into how many locations 3
name the artery the celiac trunk branches into. Hepatic Artery, left gastric artery, splenic artery
The hepatic artery is located in the liver
the splenic artery is located in the spleen
which gastric artery is branched from the celiac trunk left gastric artery
the left gastric artery is located in the stomach
name the abdonimal arteries from the aorta celiac trunk, left and right renal arteries, right and left gonadal arteries, superior mesenteric artery, inferior mesenteric artery, middle sacral artery
renal arteries are located in the kidney
gonadal arteries are located in ovaries and testes
superior mesenteric artery is located ascending colon & transverse colon
inferior mesenteric artery is located descending & sigmoid colon
middle sacrum artery is located sacrum
what artery splits into external and internal iliac arteries common iliac artery
external iliac continues down ----- as the ------ thigh, femoral artery
artery that travels behind the knee is popliteal artery
the popliteal artery is from ------- artery femoral
deep femoral stays within thigh and does not travel down leg. (true or false) True
you can feel your pulse in what location of lower leg ankle
the popliteal artery splits into anterior tibial, posterior tibial and fibular arteries
posterior tibial splits into medial and lateral plantar arteries
medial and lateral plantar arteries are located in the foot
what does the anterior tibila becomes ----- dorsalis pedis artery
dorsalis pedis artery is located on top of the foot
the vessels that enters the skull to reach the brain is internal carotid
name the 6 abdominal arteries from the aorta celiac trunk, left & right renal arteries, left & right gonadel arteries, superior mesenteric artery, inferior meseteric artery, middle sacrel artery
process of blood moving through the artery 1) pressure expands artery walls 2) left ventricle relaxes 3) arteries shrink back to normal pushing blood along
Created by: Miccimouse
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