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AP Euro Ch 12

Catherine de Medici (1519-1589) Catholic and regent for minor son Charles IX. Issued January Edict and took sides to glance power of Protestants and Catholics. Involved in massacre of Protestants at Vassy in Champagne.
Peace of Saint-Germaine-en-laye Bloodiest battle as it was first French war of religion that ended the third war and Condi Killed Cologne passed leadership.
St Bartholomews Day Massacre Cologne struck down by assacians bullet and thrower France into civil war as it lessened efforts to subdue rebellious subjects in Netherlands. Catherine against Coligny.
Henry IVof Navarre Last Henry- Led Protestants- Legal heir to French throne by virtue of his decent in direct male line , King of France monarch of House of Bourbon
Edict of Nantes Compromise made by Henry IV recognized minority religious rights within that remains as a catholic country which gained Huguenots freedom that transformed into cold war.
Philip 11 Heir to Catholic and military supreme excited his son and organized the lessernobility into a loyal and efficient national bureaucracy.
Revolt in Netherlands Council of Trent and Dutch protestants destroyed catholic churches and sent army to Netherlands.
Mary 1 Bloody Mary Queen of England and married to Philip and burned 300 protestants for Heresy
Elizabeth 1 Merged centralized episcopal system with Protestant doctrine and remained unmarried using it as and advantage for power. Balanced power
39 ARTICLES Revision of Thomas framers 42 made by prtestism official religion within the church of England.
Book of Common Prayer Act of Supremacy passed Parliament repealing anti-protestant legislation of marytudor act of uniformity mandated for every English parish to have a copy of the revised second book.
Presbyterians Catholic extremists wanting to replace Elizabeth with Mary working through parliament to create a alternative national church by Calvin and Geneva.
Congregationalits Elizabeth and john couldn't tolerate this group as had views on independence and convertible actwas to conform practices of England or face death
Spanish Armanda Drake raided coast of Portugal incapitiating Spanish on may 30th English won news of Armadas defeat gave heart to Protestant resistance everywhere.
Thirty Years War 1. Bohemian 2. Danish 3. Swedish 4. Swedish-French
Bohemian War broke out due to heir of throne and revolt of protestant against Ferdinand.
Danish Edict of Restitution
Swedish Peace of Prague threw out window and landed in poop Catholics vs protestants
Sweish-French Germany lost 1/3 of pop and fresh and Swedish and Spanish looting length and breath of germany
Treaty of Westphalia Written in French, Balance of power reaffirm the peace of Augsburg german states enter into treaties ad alliances recognize Calvinism and recognized united province independence of Netherlands and Switzerland
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