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A&P1- All Root Words

All Root Words

cyt or cyto cell
hetero different
hist tissue
homeo similar, like
homo same
hyper over, above
hypo under, below
iso equal, same
liga bind
lysis breaking up
macro large
mega great
micro small
phag eat
viscer internal organ
ecto on outer side
endo within
epi upon, on
infra below, beneath
inter between
intra within
meso middle, mid
mito thread, filament
ose full of
phil like, love
phobia fear
poly many, much
post after
pre or pro after
pseudo false
ante before, forward
cerebro brain
circum around, about
duct leading, drawing
ec out from
extra outside
ferent carry
glyco sugar, sweet
hemi half
mono one, single
multi many
myelo marrow or spinal cord
neuro nerve
oligo few, scanty
super above, upper
auto self
ex out, away from
gloss tongue
im not
in in, into
malaco soft
para beside, near to
peri around
re back, again
sclero hard
semi half
somato body
sub under
supra above, upon
trans across, through
exo on outer side
lip fat
oculo eye
op see, sight
ophthalm eye
ortho straight, normal
oto ear
retro backward
sarco flesh, fleshy
stasis stop
steno narrow
sym or syn together
therm heat
troph nourish
tropic changing, influencing
ab away from
acr extrimity
ad to, toward, near
arthr joint
blast bud, germ
cephal head
chondr cartilage
clast smash, break
derm skin
kerato cornea, horny tissue
kin move
morph form
myo muscle
osteo bone
pod foot
adeno gland
carcin cancer
edem swell
genesis produce, origin
itis inflammation
melano black
narco numbness
pathy disease
penia deficiency
phas speak, utter
plegia paralyze
psycho mind, soul
pyo pus
tomy cut, incise
tox poison
algia pain
brady slow
cholecyst gallbladder
dynia pain
entero intestine
erythro red
gastro stomach
hepato liver
leuko white
poie production
procto anus
rrhagia burst forth
rrhea flow, discharge
stomy to make an artificial opening
tachy fast
angio vessel
cardio heart
chol bile
cysto bladder, sac
emia blood
hem blood
mast breast
nephro kidney
odonto tooth
phleb vein
pne breathe
pneumo gas, lungs
uria urine
vas vessel
vene vein
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