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red module

clinical secretary reverse defs

a blood clot under the dura matter , the firbrous membrane forming the outer envelope of the brain and spinal cord, usually resulting from trauma to the head subdural hematoma
a computer based client-care document containing the same information as a Kardex. This is an electronic version of a traditional kardex patient intervention screen
a device that amplifies sound, used by doctor's and other healthcare professionals to listen to the heart and to take blood pressure stethoscope
a device used to examine the ears otoscope
a device used to examine the eyes ophthalmoscope
a device used to take blood pressure sphygmomanometer
a diagnosis subject to change after an actual diagnosis has been established provisional diagnosis
a measure taken to prevent a problem from developing prophylactic
a medication ordered as a single-order stat medication with a dose that is hight than the usual or routine dose loading dose
a paper chart Pchart
a process whereby a peer group judges an individual's qualifications to perform certain services credentialling
a process wherein clients who are booked for surgery receive prooperative and postoperative teaching and fill in documents ahead of time pre-admission
a small basin, usually kidney shaped, used for clients who vomit into or cough up sputum or phlegm. It is also used to hold solutions for a variety of purposes. It may be ordered sterile or just clean emesis basin
a special assessment for a client who has had head trauma or surgery, including cheeks on neurological functionin, such as verbal response and pupil dilation head injury routine
a specially prepared sterile tray containing the basic quipment to change a dressing on a wound or surgical incision. It contains a K-basin, 4x4 gauze,dressing, a galley cup and usually two sets of disposable forceps dressing tray
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