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A&P1 - Chapter 11

The Muscular System

Muscles that guard entrances and exits of internal passageways are ___________ muscles. circular
In a ___________ muscle, the fascicles are concentrically arranged around an opening. circular
The type of muscle whose functional characteristics most closely resemble those of its muscle fibers is the ___________ muscle. parallel
In a ______ muscle, the muscle fibers and fascicles lie in a slanted or oblique position to the tendon. pennate
What are the forms of fascicle organization? (1) parallel (2) convergent (3) pennate (4) circular
__________ muscle fibers pulls in different directions, permitting different actions depending on stimulation. convergent
Most of the skeletal muscles in the body are ________ muscles. parallel
A lever consists of _________________. a rigid structure and a fulcrum
The most common lever systems in the body are those that have the applied force between the fulcrum and the load. These are called __________ levers. third-class
Contracting the gastrocnemius muscles to elevate the body on the toes involves a _________ lever. second-class
The fulcrum of a lever system is the ______________. joint
A(n) __________ is a muscle whose contraction is chiefly responsible for producing a particular movement. synergist
A muscle that assists the muscle that is primarily resposible for a given action is a(n) _______________. synergist
The name of the muscle can indicate what things about the muscle? location, shape, relative size, number of origin, location of attachment and action of muscle
Muscles with fibers that run parallel to the long axis of the body are called ____________. rectus
Muscles visible at the body surface are often called ___________. superficialis
Muscles located close to the midline of the body may be called ____________. medialis
Muscles with fibers that run at an angle to the long axis of the body are called ________________. oblique
Muscles with fibers that run perpendicular to the long axis of the body are called _____________. transversus
Superficial muscles that position or stabilize an organ are called ______________. extrinsic
Muscles located entirely within an organ are called ______________. intrinsic
When the fulcrum is located between the load and the force, it is called a ______________ lever. third-class
What are some examples of a pennate muscle? extensor digitorum -muscle that extends fingers rectus femorus -extensor of the knee
Excessive abdominopelvic pressure can cause _______________. BOTH: inguinal hernia and diaphragmatic hernia
Pam's daughter is born cross eyed. As she grows, the problem does not become any better. Her physician suggests cutting an eye muscle to bring the eyes into a more normal position. Which muscle will he cut? medial rectus
Tom, a trumpet player, asks you which muscles he should develop in order to be a better trumpeter. What would you tell him? the buccinator and orbicularis oris
Muscle fibers in skeletal muscle form bundles called ___________. fascicles
In the musculoskeletal system, levers are formed by ____________. joints
A __________ is a rigid structure that moves on a fixed point. lever
the muscle group on the posterior right thigh is called the ____________ group. hamstring
The four prominent muscles on the anterior thigh compromise the ______________ muscle group. quadriceps femoris
Muscles on the posterior of the forearm __________ the wrist and fingers. extends
*SHORT ANSWER QUESTION* Shelly gives her son an icecream cone. the boy grasps the cone with his right hand, opens his mouth & begins to lick the icecream. Which muscles does he use to perform these actions? As the child grasps the icecream cone, he used flexor muscles, principally the flexor digitorum superficialis, flexor digitorum profundus, & flexor pollicis longus muscle. Opening his mouth requires the contraction of the platysma & digastric muscles
*CONTINUED* & the relaxation of the masseter, temporalis & pterygoid muscles. The licking action would involve the genioglossus muscle (to depress/protract the tongue) & the palatoglossus muscle (to elevate the tongue)
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