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Early European Explo

The Spanish in Central and South Am., Exploration of the NC coast

What expedition led to the discovery of the New World? Columbus's expedition
What are the reasons for European exploration of the New World? Gold God Glory
What question was settled by the Treaty of Tordesillas? What lands, in the New World,could be claimed by Spain and Portugal
Why do the people of Brazil speak Portuguese? Brazil was east of the Treaty of Tordesillas line
Where was the Aztec Empire located? Mexico
The expedition that conquered the Aztec Empire was led by ________. Cortes
Where was the Inca Empire located? Peru
The expedition that conquered the Inca Empire was led by ________. Pizzaro
What was a reason that Cortez was able to defeat the massive Aztec Empire with only 600 men? Better weapons, professional soldiers, disease among the Aztecs, people conquered by the Aztecs joined Cortes, The Aztecs, at first, thought cortes was Quetzalcoatl
The first Spanish settlement in the New World was on the island of ________ Cuba
The purpose of the first Spanish settlements was to ____________ find gold
The Spanish who conquered the Aztec and Inca Empires were called ____________ Conquistadors
There was competition between nations to spread particular religions in the New World because of what event? the Protestant Reformation
The settlements the Spanish established in the New World were called ____ missions and Encmiendas
What was the result of Spanish rule for Native Americans in the New World? enslavement, Catholic faith, mass death
Native Americans were replaced as labor by __________ African Americans
What made it profitable for the Portuguese to engage in the slave trade between the New World and Africa? increasing demand for labor on Caribbean and South American sugar plantations.
For Native Americans, the most important part of the Columbian Exchange was new diseases
Native Americans benefited most from this item in the Columbian Exchange. horses
The transfer of plants and animals between the New World and the Old World was called ___________ the Columbian Exchange
For Europeans, the most important part of the Columbian Exchange was new food crops
The 2 most important food crops introduced into Europe by the Columbian Exchange were potatoes and corn
The 3 most deadly diseases transferred to Native Americans by European contact were Smallpox, measles, and influenza
What percentage of Native Americans died in the first 100 years of European contact. 90% to 95%
English and French explorers tried to discover this in order to trade directly with Asia Northwest Passage
In order to make the best speed on their way back to Spain from Mexico, Spanish ships must take advantage of what feature of the Atlantic ocean? the Gulf Stream
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