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Beneficial Vocab.3-1

Physical dexterity Skill or ability at preforming phisyiacal tasks
Coordination Social phenomenon where people do not interact with their physical environment
Source code Underlying game creation code .
Licensing agreement Provides third-party designers the rights to obtain the game source code for a specific system.
Propriety Attributes assigned to an object, such as visibility, interactivity, and movement
Online play Players connect via the Internet to compete with other players.
LAN party Players meet at a location and connect their machines to a local area network to play an online game.
Muscle memory How the muscles in the body remember practiced movements.
Motor skill Combination of hand-eye coordination, muscle memory, and brain extremity pathways to make movements appear smooth.
Toy an object for a child to play with, typically a model or miniature replica of something.
Reaction time is the amount of time it takes to respond to a stimulus.
Reflexes Quick, involuntary movement.
Socialize Interacting in a group environment.
Game Activity defined by rules with an objective, goal, or victory condition; it involves a game environment that enables play or pretending.
Play Participation in an entertainment activity.
Competition Image file size reduction through the use of mathematical formulas to approximate the location and color of each pixel
Physical traits Competitions featuring athletic abilities as the basis in determining the winner
Game enviroment Setting altered or designed to play a specific activity
Mental acuity Person’s learning, problem solving, and reasoning ability.
Puzzles Require the player to mentally analyze and solve a problem.
Board games A portable game environment in which players use imagination to engage in mental or strategic competition.
Random number generator Any device used to create a number at random within a given range of numbers.
Card game A series of uniquely printed cards used within set rules of a game
Themed board game Board games with a central theme.
Immersion Degree to which a player connects to the game world.
RPG Role playing game; player takes on the role of the questing hero
Dessitized Repeated exposure to an unpleasant event until it no longer results in an emotional reaction.
Cocooning Social phenomenon where people do not interact with their physical environment.
ROM Read-only memory chip in a plastic case that stored the game program.
Backward compatibility Older games can be played on newer game consoles.
Created by: JasonEldridge