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Herbals exam 1

basic uses

Garcinia Mangostana/Mangosteen possible antiooxidant, antiflammatory, anticancer, and antihistamine
St. John's Wort antidepressant, antiviral, SAD; AI - photodermatitis
Aloe Vera cathartic, stimulant laxitive, slight antibacterial
Blue-Green Algae dietary Fe and possibly oral leukoplakia
Astragalus mild immunostimulant, hepatoprotectant
Propolis (bee glue) mouthwash, toothpaste, antiviral/bacterial, weak anti-inflammatory, free radical scavanger
Bilberry antidiarrheal, mouthwash, rtinopathy macular degeneration, retinal inflammation (all minor)
Guarana CNS stimulation, flavor
chondroitin glucosamine Gluco:tx of osteoarthritis, chondro protective --- Condro: increase joint viscosity, decrease LDL
oleocanthal (olive oil) antiinflammatory
methyl sulfonylmethane (MSM) arthritis/tendonitis, increase blood circulation, acne
capsaicin shingles, arthritis
cranberry reduced frequency/severity of UTI
astragalus immunostimulant, hepatoprotectant
honey nutrition, soothing, antibacterial
royal jelly pantacetic acid source
butcher's broom venous insufficiency, AI - HTN
broom cardioactive, diuretic, profuse menstruation, utreine vascular contractant; not for self medication
cats claw antiinflammatory, immunostimulant
chamomile (german) spasmolytic, antiinflammatory, antoxidant; allergies common
evening primrose oil rheumatoid arthritis, diabetic neuropathy, atopic eczema; AI - mild loose stools
echinacea shortening duration of URT infections, UTI's & wound healing, immunostimulatn, antiviral
feverfew migrain prophylactic; AI - GI distrubance, mouth uclerations
garcinia flavor (in BBQ sauce), GI complaints
gotu kola antiiflammatory (minimal), hepatic fibrosis, wound healing, venous insufficiency
goldenseal antidiarrheal, antiviral, antiseptic
bitter orange antispasmotic, carminative, weight loss; AI - photodermatitis
comfry can lead to hepatic cancer
essiac laxitive; formula: burdock root, kelp, red clover, sheeps sorrel, slippery elm bark, turkish rhubarb root
boldo diuretic, cholagogue, antiseptic, sedative; AI - renal irritation
buchu maybe urinary antiseptic, diuretic
dandelion flavor, cholagogue, diuretic, laxative
juniper diuretic, antiseptic, canimative, antiinflammatory, sore muscles/joints, flavor
lovage minor GI complaints, bladder problems, menstrual distrubances
meadowsweet stomachic, urinary antiseptic, astringent
uva ursi diruetic, urinary antiseptic, astringent
butterbur migranes, allergic rhinitis
garlic lower serum lipids, antithrobotic; AI - GI distrubance
ginger antiemetic, antinasueant, hyperemesis
ginkgo early onset alzheimers, intermittant claudication, cereberal insufficiency, periferal vascular insufficiency, control tinnitus; AI - GI upset, HA
green tea (Camellia sinensis) mild stimulant, antidiarrheal
gymnemosuprium metabolic contorl, laxative, diuretic, antimalarial, coughs, snake bite; AI - messes w/taste
ginseng tonic or adaptogen
siberian ginseng adaptogenic, CV
canaigre (red desert ginseng) tanning leather
jiogulan (souther ginseng) ginseng substitute; AI - nausea, diarrhea
MACA (peruvian ginseng) "survival food"
hawthorne heart failure, decreased CO, tachy & brady -cadia, diarrhea, tapeworms, ischemic heart disease, arrythmias
Hoxsey's formula banned in US, major laxative
hops mild sedative, bitter flavor; AI contact dermatitis, allergy
horse chestnut venous insufficiency, hemmorrhoids, phlebitis
grapeseed extract chronic venous insufficiency, leg agitation
rutin (oak) vascular insufficiency, capillary fragility, varicose veins, mucositis
kava kava anxiolytic (non-psychotic)convulsant, muscle relaxant; AI scaly, yellow skin w/excessive use
roobibos tea antioxidant
limbrel medical food, osteoarthritis
kambucha tea good for nothing
melatonin jet lag, antoxidant, hastens onset of sleep, enhances release of cytokines
policosanol improves lipid profile, toothpastes, decreases platelet aggregation, intermittent claudication
pycnogenol decreases: capillayr fragillity, macular degenreation, bronchospams in asthma, joint pain, CVA
pyruvic acid for weight loss but doesn't work, lipid oxidation
hydroxycitric acid for weight loss but doesn't work
phytoestrogens [soy, flaxseed, black cohosh, red clover], lower cancer rates in reproductive tissues, antoxidant properties, anticell proliferation actions, improves lipid profiles
dong quai phytoestrogen: monpause/PMS, menstrual disorders; AI - photosensitizing
red clover phytoestrogen: antimutagen, astringent
black cohosh phytoestrogen: emmanagogue, uternine stimulant, monpause/PMS, RA; AI - vertigo, HA, NV, estrogenic effects
agnus castus phytoestrogen: menstrual problems, dysmenorrhoea
black haw phytoestrogen: menstural disorders, nervine, antispasmodic, antidiarrheal; CI - ASA allergy, kidney stones
red raspberry astringent, antidiarrheal, atnoxidant, partu praeparator
valerian sleep aid, mild sedative, anxiolytic, antispasmodic, carminative
yohimbe aphrodisiac, male impotency
milk thistle hepatoprotectant, antoxidant
saw palmetto BPH, non-malignant prostatitis
pygeum BPH, fever/madness (trad), inflammation (trad)
nettle antihemmorhagic, BPH, hypoglycemic, eczema
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