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Curriculum Words

English Vocabulary

anthology a collection of poems and stories
epilogue a closing section added to a novel or play
prologue an introductory section added to a poem
satire a literary work that ridicules and derides human vices and weakness
vignette short story; brief sketch; anecdote
epic a lengthy story about the heroic deeds of a legendary hero
farce a humorus
raconteur a person skilled at telling a story
memoir an autobiography; personal journal
celestial pertaining to the stars
arboreal pertaining to trees
catalyst an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action.
osmosis movement of a solvent through a semipermeable membrane
synthesis combination or fusion of different elements
hermetic airtight
indigenous native to an area
archipelago a chain of islands
rivulet a small stream
repudiate reject; disavow
anachronism a person or event that is in the wrong time
accord agreement
capitulate surrender; give up
enlighten inform; instruct; remove ignorance
appeasement giving in to someone's demands
stipulate specify; set forth
pretext an excuse; alleged reason
watershed a turning point; an event of critical importance
autonomy self-rule; independence
manifesto a public declaration of beliefs
dovish favoring peace
enfranchise to grant voting rights
potentate any powerful ruler; sovereign
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