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Chapter 10

What is the Arabic name for God? Allah
Name the five Pillars of Islam and give a description of them. Deceleration of Faith (belief in one god, Allah) Daily prayer to Mecca (5 times a day) Aims for the poor (Zakat) Fast during Ramadan (cleansing of sins) Preform the Hajj (must be physically and physically able to pray at Kaaba)
What is the "Shari'a"? The Islamic system of law that regulates the family life, moral conduct, and business and community life of Islam
The migration of Muhammad from Mecca to Yathrib in 622 is called the? Hijrah
What is Judgement Day? Belief that Muhammad will come one day and cleanse sins.
What year did the Abbasids come to power? 750
What are the two different types of Muslims? Sunni Muslims and Shi'a Muslims
What were the 4 rightly caliphs doing? They were doing their best to spread Islam across the world.
What happened when Muhammad died? The community was facing a crisis, people wanted to spread Muhammad's idea, but didn't know how to.
What happened after Abu-Bakr died? The Muslim state controlled all of Arabia, under Umar, the second caliph.
What was the treatment of conquered people? They could believe in any religion they wanted.
What happened over time to the Muslim community? The empire attracted people from all around the world, many cultures combined with the Arabic culture.
What cities grew and what cities decreased in the 900's. Baghad, Abbasid capital city, increased the most. Rome, Italian capital city decreased the most.
What are the four classes of Muslims? Upper Class included Muslims at birth. The Third included "protected people" Second Class included people who converted to Islam The Lowest Class included slaves.
Why is astronomy so important to Muslims? They are very interested about it, they really wanted to learn about time so they can correctly pray and more.
Why is science so important to Muslims? They want to learn more science so they can treat their patients better and with more knowledge and care.
How did algebra become so popular to Muslims? Muslims created an algebra textbook and other countries translated them
What is the main similarity between Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. They all believe in the one god.
Who is the founder of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam? Abraham and Muhammad Abraham and Jesus Abraham and Moses
When did the Civil war start? When one of the the caliphs died.
Who is Abu-Bakr? He replaced Muhammad and promised to fulfill his duties.
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