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Chapter 19

Blood Vessels - hormones, shock, hypertension

the adrenal medulla releases ___ and ___, which... epinephrine & noepinephrine - increases CO by vasoconstriction
angiotensin II is generated by ___ renin released from kidnets
what does angiontensin II do? vasoconstriction - stimulates release of aldosterone & ADH
angiontensin II ___ pressure and resistance increases
atrial natriuretic peptide causes.... vasodilation
what does atrial natriuretic do? antagonizes aldostoreone - increases excretion of sodium & water
antidiuretic hormone known as ADH can also be called ___ vasopressin
ADH stimulates ___ conservation of water by kidneys
direct renal mechanisms... alters how much fluid comes out blood through kidneys
what is hypertension? increase in systolic pressure (higher than 140) & diastolic (over 90)
pre-hypertensive means ___ pressure valves between 120-140 and 80-90
pre-hypertensive strains the ___ over years cardiovascular system
pre-hypertensive causes the heart to ____ causing ___ which..... push against greater resistance - hypertrophy - eventually weakens
pre-hypertensive accelelrates ___ atherosclerosis
primary hypertension is caused by ___ unknown causes - drugs, lifestyle changes
what causes secondary hypertension? a known medical condition such as kidney disease, endocrine disorders, etc
circulatory shock is any condition where ___ blood vessels are inadequately filled (blood doesn't circulate normally)
this type of shock is caused by pump failure. cardiogenic shock
___ shock is due to blood or fluid loss hypovolemic
in hypovolemic shock...what happens? heart rate increases to raise BP - intense vasoconstriction
what is vascular shock? extreme vasodilation
vascular shock can be caused by... allergic reaction, septic shock or ANS failure
the kidneys and abdomen ____ blood flow during exercise decrease
the heart, skeletal muscles and skin ___ blood flow during exercise increase
what happens to the brain blood flow during exercise? it stays constant
in active hyperemia, what happens to blood flow? it increases in response to greater metabolic activity
cerebral vessels __ when mean arterial pressure declines dilate
as mean arterial pressure rises, cerebral vessels ___ constrict
the brain is vulnerable to sudden extreme changes in pressure. fainting occurs when____ mean arterial pressure falls below 60 mmHg
increased capillary permeability is caused by... pressure goes over 160mmHg
hysrostatic pressure is the ___ ___ pushing pressure - pushes fluid across membrane
the "pulling pressure" is known as __ osmotic pressure
in osmotic pressure, what happens? water is drawn from tissue into capillary bed
extrinsic controls ___ during exercise decrease
what happens to mean arterial pressure and cardiac output during exercise? it increases - while resistance decreases
Created by: Mariahj25