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History 8

Native Americans/Geography

Eastern Woodland Location Southeast Iroquois Chili Ohio
Eastern Woodland Enviroment The Eastern Woodlands
Eastern Woodlands Housing Huts made of material Such as bark and straw
Eastern Woodlands Food Squash,Squirrel ,beans,corn and Deer
Eastern Woodlands Religion Tribes believed in the Great Spirit
The Plains Environment Grasslands
The Plains Housing Tepee's were made of buffalo hide and wooded poles
The Plains Food Buffelo
The Plains Religion Nature Sun Dance
Pacific Northwest Envroment Lush Forest No AG. Huge with trade
Pacific Northwest Housing Longhouses 50 to 100 ft long
Pacific Northwest Food Fish
Pacific Northwest Relegion The Great Spirit Creation Stories Totem Poles
Desert Southwest Enviroment Hot Dry
Desert Southwest Housing Cliff Dwelers House of clay
Desert Southwest Food Deer Rabbit Squarell No Farming
Desert Southwest Religion Aminsm
The Bering Land Bridge: How and when do the researchers believe in the first settlers came to north America? Settlers came across the Bering land bridge during the first ice age.
The Bering Land Bridge:Explain the process that has caused the Bering Land Bridge to disappear and reappear? During the ice age the water level dropped which revealed the bridge. After the ice age the water level rose which covered the bridge it did not disappear it just went under the water.
The Bering Land Bridge: How can you use your knowledge of the Bering land to understand the connection between these two cultures? The plates were very close so land started to form in between them.
Created by: Frachi