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Stack #22896

Medical Roots

acro extremities
aden gland
angio vessel (blood)
ankyl crooked, looped
arterio artery
arthro joint
aud, aur ear; hearing
blepharo eyelid
brachi cronchial
bucca cheek
carcin cancer
cardio heart
caud tail
cephal head
cerebro brain
cervic neck
cheil lip
chole bile
cholecyst gallbladder
chondro cartilage
coccus round
col colon
colp vagina
costo ribs
cranio skull
cut skin
cyan blue
cysto bladder, sac
cyt, cyte cell
dacry tear duct
dactyl fingers, toes
dent tooth
derma skin
dextr right
duoden duodenum
edema swelling
electr electric
emesis vomit
enter intestine
erythro red
esophag esophagus
esthesi feeling
faci face
fascia band, fibrous
gastro stomach
gingiva gum
gloss tongue
gyne woman
hemo blood
hepat liver
hydro water
hystero uterus, womb
iri iris (eye)
kerat cornea, scaly
labia lip
lacrim tear
lacto milk
lapar abdomen
laryng larynx
leuko white
lingua tongue
lip fat
lith stone
lymph fluid
mamm, mast breast
melan black
mening membrane (pertaining to the covering of the brain or spinal cord)
meno, mens menstruate
myelo bone marrow
myo muscle
nares nose, nostrils
necr death
nephro kidney
neuro nerve
ocul eye
odont tooth
oophoro ovary
ophthal eye
orchis testes
osteo bone
oto ear, hearing
ovario ovary
ovi egg
part birth, labor
ped, pod foot
ped child
phagia swallow
pharyng pharynx
phasia speak
phleb vein
pleur pleura of the lung
pneumo lung
procto rectum
phycho mind, soul
pulm lung
pyelo pelvis of the kidney
pyo pus
ren kidney
rhin nose
salpingo tube
semin seed
soma body
splen spleen
spondyl spine
squam scaly
stoma mouth
stric narrowing
therm heat
thorac thorax
thrombo clot
trachi trachea
vas vessel
vesic bladder, sac
viscera organ
Created by: cmb8989