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History Ch3

The Iron Age and the Arrival of the Celts

ogham a type of ancient Celtic writing, whereby notches were cut into the sides of standing stones.
torc a gold Celtic necklace
Tuath the area controlled by the rí in Celtic times
derbhfine the name given to Celtic royal families
Aos Dana the skilled people in Celtic society such as judges, druids, poets and craftsmen
filí poets
bards poets employed by a noble
Brehon Law Celtic law
rath/ringfort a celtic fort
crannóg a Celtic settlement built on an artificial lake
souterrain an underground passageway built in a ringfort. It was mainly used to store food and valuables
promontory fort a ringfort built on a cliff top
druid a pagan Celtic priest
Imbolc a festival to celebrate the end of winter. (1st of February)
Bealtaine a festival where bonfires were lit and sacrifices were made in the hope that the harvest would be good (May)
Lughnasa a festival to celebrate the harvest and hope it would provide sufficient food for the winter months (1 August)
Samhain a festival to mark the beginning of a new year (1 November)
Boann a goddess
Lug the god of warriors
Daghda the god of the afterlife
fosterage the sons of nobles were trained and brought up by other families until they reached the age of 14
leine a tunic
bracae woollen trousers
mantel a heavy cloak
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