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Ch. 3 Integumentary

adip/o fat
alb'o white
crypt/o hidden
cutane/o skin
derm/o skin
erythr/o red
hidr/o sweat
ichthy/o scaly
kerat/o hard, horny
leuk/o white
lip/o fat
melan/o black
onych/o nail
pachy/o thick
pil/o hair
rhytid/o wrinkle
sebace/o oil
seb/o oil
squam/o scale
steat/o fat
trich/o hair
ungu/o nail
xantho/o yellow
xer/o dry
abrasion scraping skin away
abscess localized pus collection
acne vulgaris common acne, inflammed skin follicles
actinic keratosis horny skin condition caused by sun exposure
adipocele hernia filled with fatty tissue
albinism lack of pigment in skin looking white
albino person w/ albinism
allograft/homograft skin transplant taken from another memberof patients species homo=same allo=from another
alopecia baldness
anesthetic drug that temporarily blocks sensation
anhidrosis lack of sweating
antibiotic drug that destroys or opposes growth of microorganisms
antihistamine drug that opposes effects of histamine
antipruritic drug relieves itching
antiseptic drug that prevents sepsis/rotting flesh killing microorganisms
atopic dermatitis unusual inflammation of skin
autograft skin tranplant from different part of the body
basal cell carcinoma cancerous tumor of basal skin cell
biopsy removal of tissue to examine
bulla large blister
chemosurgery removal of tissue that has been destroyed using chemicals
chemotherapy treatment using chemicals
cherry angioma a small blood vessel tumor
cicatrix/cicatrices scar
comedo hair follicle plugged with sebum (black head/white head)
crust dried substance
cryosurgery destruction of tissue through freezing
culture & sensitivity growing microorganisms in isolation in order to determine which drugs might respond to it
cyanidrosis blue sweat
decubitus ulcer bed sore
depigmentation loss of skin pigmentation
dermbrasion rubbing or scraping away outer surface of skin
dermatitis inflammation of skin
dermatoconiosis skin condition caused by dirt
dermatofibroma fribrous skin tumor
dermatolysis loss of skin
dermatomycosis fungal skin condition
dermatoscope intrument used to look at skin
dermatosis skin conditioin
dermopathy skin disease
dermoscopy procedure for looking at the skin
dysplastic nevus mole with bad changes or formation
ecchymosis large bruise
eczema red itchy rash that seeps and oozes then crusty and scaly
electrocauterization using elecetricity to destroy tissue by burning it
electrodesiccation using electricity to destroy by drying it
epidermal pertaining to skin
epidermal tumor tumore on the skin
erosion loss of skin
erythema redness
erythrocyanosis red or blus skin discoloration
erythroderma red skin
excisional biopsy removal of an entire lesion for examination (to cut it out)
excoriation scratch
fissure crack in skin
hemathidrosis sweating blood
heterograft/xenograft skin transplant taken from a species other than the patient
hidradenitis inflammation of sweat glands
diradenoma tumor of the sweat gland
hidropoiesis formation of sweat
hyperhidrosis excessive sweating
hyperkeratosis excessive growth of horny skin
hypermelanosis excessive melanin in the skin
hyperpigmentation excessive pigment in the skin
hypodermia pertaining to beneath the skin
hypohydrosis diminished sweating
hypomelanosis diminished melanin
hypopigmentation diminished pigment in skin
ichthyosis condition in the skin that is dry and scaly resembling fish skills
impetigo contagious bacterial infection of skin
incision & drainage I&D to cutinto a wound to allow trapped infected liquid to drain
incisional biopsy removal of a portion of a lesion for examination (to cut into)
intradermal pertaining to inside the skin
keloid overgrowth of scar tissue
keratogenic causing horny tissue development
keratosis horny tissue condition
leukoderma white skin
lipectomy removal of fatty tissue
lipsuction removal of fatty tissue using a vacuum
macerate to soften skin
macule small flat discolored area (freckle)
malignant cutaneous neoplasm harmful new formation of skin tissue
malignant melanoma harmful tumor of melanin cell
mycodermatitis inflammation of the skin caused by fungus
mycosis fungus condition
necrosis tissue death
nevus a mole
nodule a solid mass that extends deeper into the skin
onychectomy remove a nail
onychia a nail condition
onychocryptosis ingrown nail
onychodystrophy poor nourishment of the nail
onyycholysis loss of a nail
onychomalacia abnormal softening of the nail
onychomycosis fungal condition of the nail
onychopathy nail disease
onychophagia eating/biting nail
onychotomy incision into a nail
pachyderma tough skin
papule solid mass
paronychia condition of tissue around nail
patch/vitiligo larger flat discolored area
percutaneous pertaining through the skin
petechia small bruis
plaque solid mass on the skins surface
postpartum alopecia baldness experiences after pregnancy
pruritus swollen raised itchy areas of the skin
pustule pus fille dblister
rhytidoplasty reconstruction of wrinkled skin
scale skin flaking off
sclerodermatitis inflammation of skin accompanied by thickening and hardening
scleronychia thickening an dhardening of the nail
seborrheic dermatitis inflammatio of skin bc of sebum/discharge of oil
spider angioma/talangiectasia overexpansion of blodd vessel
squamous cell carcinoma cancerous tumor of squamous skin cells
steatitis inflammation of fat tissue
steatoma fatty tumor
transdermal pertaining to through the skin
trichomycosis fungal condition of hair
tumor large solid mass
ulcer sore
vascular lesion wounds related to blood vessels
verruca wart
vesicle small blister
xanthoderma yellow skin
xanthoma yellow tumr
xanthosis yellowing of the skin
xeroderma dry skin
xerosis condition of dryness
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