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Cardio terms

Angio Vessel
Ather Porridge.. ex.deposits of plaque in arteries
Brady Slow.... ex.abnormally slow heartbeat
Diastol Dilation.. ex.blood pressure when ventricle of the heart is relaxed
Edem Swelling, ex. accumulation of fluids in the tissue that causes them to swell
Gram Something written.. ex.recording of the electrical changes in the myocardium during a cardiac cycle..
Lun Moon, Cresent shaped..
Myo Muscle
Papill Nipple.. ex.small mound of muscle projecting into a ventricle of the heart
Phleb Vein
Scler Hard...ex.loss of elasticity and hardening of blood vessel wall.
Syn Together... ex.mass of merging cells that act together
Systol Contraction...ex.pressure blood pressure resulting from a single venticular contraction.
Tachy Rapid, faster than normal heart rate
Heart Hollow, cone shaped muscular group.
Pulmonary circuit Sends oxygen poor blood to the lungs
Systemic circuit Sends oxygen rich blood and nutrients to all body cells and removes waste
Pericardium Is a covering that encloses the heart and the proximal ends of the large blood vessels to which it's attached
Epicardium Protects the heart by reducing friction
Myocardium Middle layer of heart wall, is thick and consists largely of the cardiac muscle tissue that pumps blood out of heart chamber
Endocardium Inner layer of heart, consists of epithelium and underlying connective tissue that contains many elastic and collagen fibers.
What vessels enters the skull to reach the brain Internal Carotid
Process by which a cell removes and destroys foreign particles from fluid (blood, lymph interstitial fluid) Phagocytosis
Where do B Cells or B lymphocytes mature. Red Bone Marrow
The thymus gland is found In the mediastinum
The term for a disease causing organism or chemical. Pathogen
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