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EZ-Anat Ch. 22

Barron's E-Z Anatomy and Physiology Chapter 22 review

another name for reproductive cells is: gametes
The male organs of reproduction are the: testes
The two products of the testes are sperm and: hormones
Suspended below the perineum is a fleshy pouch containing the testes called the: scrotum
The failure of the testes to descend into the scrotum is called: cryptorchidism
The nerves, ducts, and blood vessels emerging from the testes together form the: spermatic cord
The canal through which the spermatic cord passes into the peritoneal cavity is the: inguinal canal
The interstitial cells of the testes are responsible for producing: sex hormones
The process through which sperm are produced is: spermatogenesis
During the process of meiosis a spermatocyte with 46 chromosomes will produce a spermatid having chromosomes that number: 23
The chromosomes of the sperm are packed into the region of the cell known as the: head
The site of sperm maturation over a period of about two weeks is a duct called the: epididymus
Another name for the ductus deferens is the: vas deferens
The tubular extension of the epididymis extending through the inguinal canal is the: ductus deferns
Within the abdominal cavity, the ductus deferens passes over the top and posterior surface of the: urinary bladder
At the ampulla, the ductus deferns joins with the duct leading from the: seminal vesicles
The duct passing from the urinary bladder to the tip of the penis is the: urethra
Older males may experience interference with urination if there is enlargement of the: prostate
The two small glands secreting mucus and alkaline substances and situated at the base of the penis are called: bulbbourethral glands
The root, shaft, and glans are three portions of the: penis
most of the body of the penis consists of tissue that is: erectile
Erection of the penis takes place after the accumulation of: blood
The opening of the penis to the exterior is the: external urethral meatus
The male hormone that promotes sperm maturation and maintains the accessory organs is called: testosterone
The general name for male hormones that accelerate puberty and initiate sexual maturation is: androgens
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