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Au.D pathologies

Audiology Pathologies

What is O.M.? Middle ear infection, termed otitis media, (common problem in infants and young children)Result in increased pressure and increased fluids in the middle ear
Tympanometric results of O.M. Type B (fluid behind the middle ear), Type C (negative pressure)
Chief indicator in pure tones for O.M patients The air-bone gap is the chief indicator of middle ear abnormality (Normal bone conduction thresholds with abnormal air conduction thresholds)
What is mastoiditis? Is a bacterial infection of the mastoid air cells (small, air-filled cavities located in the mastoid process, which is the bulge in the skull behind the ear
What are the causes of mastioditis? bacterial infection within the mastoid process, results when an ear infection spreads to the mucus membrane surrounding the mastoid process and eventually reaches the walls of the bone itself. can result in hearing loss and, without treatment
Symptoms of mastoiditis? Drainage from the ear Ear pain or discomfort Fever, may be high or suddenly increase Headache Hearing loss Redness of the ear or behind the ear Swelling behind ear, may cause ear to stick out
Tests to refer to rule out mastoiditis following tests may show an abnormality of the mastoid bone:CTscan of the ear Head CT scan Skull x-ray A culture of drainage from the ear may show bacteria.
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