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Lit Vocab Words

Austere severe or stern in manner; without adornment or luxury, simple plain; harsh or sour flavor
Austere synonyms forbidding, rigorous puritanical, ascetic, unadorned
Austere antonyms mild, indulgent, luxurious, flamboyant
Beneficent performing acts of kindness or charity; conferring benefits, doing good
Beneficent synonyms humanitarian, magnanimous, charitable
Beneficent antonyms selfish, cruel, harmful, deleterious
Cadaverous pale, gaunt, resembling a corpse
Cadaverous synonyms corpse like, wasted, haggard, emaciated, ghastly
Cadaverous antonyms robust, portly, rosy, picture of health
Concoct to prepare by combining ingredients, makeup (as a dish); to devise, invent, fabricate
Concoct synonyms create, fashion, rustle up
Crass coarse, unfeeling; stupid
Crass synonyms crude, tasteless, oafish, obtuse
Crass antonyms refined, elegant, tasteful, polished, brilliant
Debase to lower in character, quality, or value; to degrade, adulterate, to cause to deteriorate
Debase synoyms cheapen, corrupt, demean, depreciate
Debase antonyms elevate, uplift, improve, enhance
Disconcert to confuse; to disturb the composure of
Disconcert synonyms upset, rattle, ruffle, faze
Disconcert antonyms relax, calm, put at ease
Desecrate to commit sacrilege upon, treat irreverently; to contaminate, pollute
Desecrate synonyms profane, defile, violate
Desecrate antonyms revere, venerate, consecrate
Grandiose grand an impressive or stately way
Grandiose synonyms majestic, bombastic
Grandiose antonyms simple, modest, humble
Inconsequential trifling, unimportant
Inconsequential synonyms trivial, negligible, paltry
Inconsequential antonyms important, essential, crucial
Infraction a breaking of a law of an obligation
Infraction synonyms violation, transgression, offense
Mitigate to make milder or softer, moderate in force or intensity
Mitigate synonyms lesson, relieve, alleviate
Mitigate antonyms aggravate, intensify, irritate, exacerbate
Pillage v. to rob of goods by open force (war), plunder n. act of looting, booty
Pillage synonyms v. ravage, sack, loot n. booty
Prate to talk a great deal in a foolish or aimless fashion
Prate synonyms prattle, blab, palaver
Prate antonyms come to the point
Punctilious very careful and exact attentive to the fine points of etiquette
Punctilious synonyms precise, scrupulous
Punctilious antonyms careless, perfunctory
Redoubtable inspiring fear or awe; illustrious, eminent
Redoubtable synonyms formidable, august
Redoubtable antonyms laughable, risible
Reprove to find fault with, scold, rebuke
Reprove synonyms chastise, upbraid, reproach
Reprove antonyms praise, commend, laud, pat on the back
Restitution act of restoring someone or something to the rightful owner or to a former state or position; making good on a loss
Restitution synonyms reimbursement, redress, restoration
Stalwart adj. strong and sturdy; brave; resolute n. a brave, strong person
Stalwart synoynms adj. sturdy, stout, intrepid, valiant n. mainstay
Stalwart antonyms adj. weak, infirm, irresolute, vaciliating
Vulnerable open to attack; capable of being wounded or damaged; unprotected
Vulnerable synonyms defenseless, exposed, unguarded
Vulnerable antonyms invincible, protected, safe, secure
Created by: savannahcaddell
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