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APHY101 Wk 3

APHY Week 3 Vocab

Tissues groups of cells sharing a similar shape and similar function
Matrix the product secreted by and surrounding
Epithelium makes surfaces
Connective holds things together
Muscular moves things around
Neural sends electrochemical signals for controlling activities
Basement Membrane the matrix
Squamos flat, thin, irregular
Cuboidal all sides are generally the same and has a round, central nucleus
Columnar long narrow cells with a large oval nucleus at the basal surface
Simple Layer one layer
Stratified Layer two or more laters
Pseudostratified Layer false layering
Loose Connective Tissue soft / not very sturdy
Dense Connective Tissue tough / fairly rigid
Proper Connective Tissue classified for 1000 years or so
Blast builder cell
Cyte general or mature structure
Clast cruncher or breaker cell
Fibro protein fiber of some type
Chondro cartilage
Osteo bone
Erythrocytes Red Blood Cells (RBC)
Leucocytes White Blood Cells (WBC)
Mast Cells produce histamine
Macrophages "big eaters" eat a variety of foreign materials, dispose of dead tissue, central actors in the immune system
Tendons connect bone to muscle
Ligaments connect bone to bone
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