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2 things included in the central nervous system brain and spinal cord
peripheral nervous system is made up of the nerves out side the CNS;cranial and spinal
controlled voluntary by consious will and all effectors are skeletal muscles somatic
effectors in the somatic nervous system skeletal system
dendrites neuronfibers that conduct impulses to the cell body
axons nurons that conduct impulses away from the cell body
myelin fatty material that insulates and protects the fiber
coler of myelinated axons white
the color of fiber not covered in myelin gray
sensory/afferent neurons to the CNS
motor/efferent neurons from CNS
tract bundle of fibers located with in the CNS,located both brain and spinal cord,conduct impulse to and from brain
cranial nerves and spinal nerves contain sensory and motor fibers and r referred to as mixed nerves
2 ex of neuroglia cells schwann cells,astrocytes
befor the start of action potentialwhat state is the plasma membrane of neuron in rest
action potential sudden change in the electrical charge on a cell membrain which then spreads along the membrain
during depolarization,what kind of ions enter cells Na positive,sodium
what type of channels open during repolarization K positive,potasium
how does myelin speed conduction insulates fiber against the speed of current
synapse point of junction for transmitting the nerve impulse
at synapse which direction does transmission of impulse occur axon-presynaptic-postsynaptic
function of receptor cell can be excited by stimulus,site in cell membrane to which a special substance may attach
where r the 3 main neurotransmitters epinephrine(adrenaline),norepinephrine,acetylcholine
what neurotransmitter is released in the neuromuscular junction ach
2 pairs of columns that give gray matter in spinal cord a H shaped appearance in cross section dorsal horn,ventral horns
how many pairs of cervical spinal nerves are there 8
how many pairs of spinal nerves r there 31
central canal of spinal cord contains cerebrospinal fluid
what kind of impulses do the decending tracts carry motor (efferent)impulses
what is the reflex of pathway complete pathway through the nervous system from stimulus to response
simple reflex rapid,uncomplicated and automatic response involving very few neurons
spinal reflex passes through the spinal cord alone and does not involve the brain
stretch reflex muscle is stretched and responds by contracting
multible sclerosis disease which myelin sheath around axons is damaged and neuron fibers degenerate,young adults
poliomyelitis viral disease of nervous system,common in children,spread by ingestion of water contaminated by feces
diplegia paralysis of both upper or both lower limbs
tetraplegia paralysis of all 4 limbs(quadriplegia)
ganglion any collection of nerve cell bodies located outside the CNS
cervical(1 of the mainplexus) neck,back of head and diaphragm
brachial (1 of the main plexus) shoulder, forearm,wrist,hand
lumbosacral (1 of the main plexus) pelvis,legs
which plexus does the phrenic nerve arise cervical
where is sciatica nerve located lumbosacral,extends down back of thigh
what kind of metabolic disease can cause peripheral neuritis diabetes and gout
sciatica form of peripheral neuritis characterized by severe pain along the sciatic verves and its branches
what part of autonomatic nervous system promotes the fight or flight responce sympathetic
nodes tiny gaps in the PNS are imported to speed up the conduction of nerve impulses
peripheral neuritis a degeneration of nerves suplying the distal areas of the extremities.
paraplegia paralysis of both lower limbs
hemiplegia paralysis of one side of body
quadriplegia paralysis of all four limbs
herpes zoster9shingles) humerous blisters along the course of certain nerves
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