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kinn's Chapter 52

amorphous Lacking a defined shape.
bilirubinuria The presence of bilirubin in the urine.
colony-forming units (CFU) A term used when reporting bacteriuria.
crenate Forming notches or leaflike, scalloped edges on an object.
culture and sensitivity (C&S) A procedure performed in the microbiology laboratory in which a specimen is grown on artificial media to detect bacterial or fungal growth, followed by appropriate testing for antibiotic resistance.
cystoscopy Visual examination of the urinary bladder using a fiberoptic instrument.
enzymatic reaction A chemical reaction controlled by an enzyme.
filtrate The fluid that remains after a liquid is passed through a membranous filter.
gold standard The paragon of excellence; the diagnostic test to which all others are compared.
metabolite The product of the metabolism of a substance, such as a drug.
mononuclear white blood cells Leukocytes with an unsegmented nucleus; monocytes and lymphocytes in particular.
myoglobinuria The abnormal presence of a hemoglobin-like chemical of muscle tissue in the urine; it is the result of muscle deterioration.
phenylalanine An essential amino acid found in milk, eggs, and other foods.
polymorphonuclear white blood cells Leukocytes with a segmented nucleus.
refractile Causing light to refract or bend, thus creating a sharp boundary or image.
renal thresholds Levels above which substances cannot be reabsorbed by the renal tubules and therefore are excreted in the urine.
supravital Of, relating to, or capable of staining living cells after their removal from a living or recently dead organism.
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